EVOLVE Xbox Community




Die hard fan. I lost my taste for all video games after playing evolve for so long. So, I’m Looking for some regular players to play some Custom Evolve games on Xbox one. Anyone down, reply here, email me, or add my gamertag:

email: thenicklost@gmail.com
Gamertag: Nicholasplosion

if this doesn’t work out, I’m just going to sell my consoles because their collecting dust without being able to play evolve.




Come join us on PC. We play everyday for the most part.


Yeah! and I just finished installing legacy again.


I would but i cant affors a gaming PC


You can if you sell your consoles. We can help!


Lol thanks, but after selling the xbox, I’d still have to drop over 500 for a decent pc.


Nah, a decent pc shouldn’t be that expensive.


Wait the legacy still runs?


Yes. P2P is still available to players who originally bought the game before it went F2P.