EVOLVE: XB1:Looking for people or Group playing evolve?


Hellfire Gaming Channel

Looking for a team of hunters on EVOLVE? Search (hFpstormtrooper) on the twich website or mobile app. Join a live broadcast of people playing EVOLVE. Just ask who’s playing in the live chat or add my gamer tag - hFpStormTrooper

I am networking EVOLVE and other fps’s to reach out and find people a group to play with.

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Inbox me that you are looking for people or a group to play evolve. But I do get spam so stopping by the broadcast is much easier to get my attention.

EVOLVE:Looking for people to play with?

This sounds more like you advertising your Twitch. Also, I’ve played with you.


My gamertag is SHINOBI13


I will post all hunters gamertags and their respective roles and what they are looking for on this thread. let me know if you’re looking for a specific role or generally just a group to play with.


Scheduled broadcasting on twich is 9pm est evenings. Catch previous broadcast on YouTube @Stormtrooperxb1

Broadcasting throughout the day varies.
And game to stream will vary as well.
Battlefield hardline
Battlefield 4

Inbox if you are looking for people playing these games.


Twitter: hfpstormtrooper

Broadcasting late nights


gamer tag CrimsonNight646 and support or assault


Add SHINOBI13 and UnholyNecrosis if you would like to play


I actually really need a good medic to play with in pubs. I am #1sunny globally and I play with the #1crow. We always have ab assault but never have a good medic. It would be a complete team with an exceptional medic.


I am also streaming gameplay with the #1crow and sunny now. So it’s becoming really ompetitive