Evolve Writer Matthew Colville - Q & A! [Livestream]


Hello Everyone!

A livestream featuring our writer, @Matthew has been widely requested among users!

We promised we would have him on as a finale to our Shear Madness event – and so we shall.

You’re probably saying to yourself – “This is so awesome, how could this get any better?”



Please post any questions you have for Mr. Colville !

The top “:heart:” questions will be selected, featured, and answered LIVE on stream!

This means – even if you can’t think of a question – you can contribute to the process!

Thank you everyone!

Much love.

Matthew Colville’s youtube channel

Kala Storytime Stream:

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Evolve Stage 2 Official Livestream :monster: - 09/01 12PM PST


i have a question… who is Mr. Colville?!

oh it´s his lastname… i thought you are mentioning two different persons… lol. now everything is clear :smiley:




He’s the writer of the game and our apostle.



Could you elaborate a bit on Hyde and Lazarus’s background? I’d love to know more about them!


Dear Matthew,
Will you ever continue with writing more Evolve stories?


will we ever get a story to the origin of the monsters, how they reproduce or get born and how they travel through space?


That picture of Matt with the pipe is as classy as fuck.


Yo Matt,
What’s the most fun and/or challenging part of writing characters that you know will never speak to characters of the same class? ie. Sunny won’t speak to Cabot, Slim won’t talk to Val.


Has any of the Hunters made it out of Shear alive? And if yes, would you mind saying who exactly and how?


What’s your favorite dropship conversation? :bucket_cute:


Hi Mat![I call him Mat because we are such bros]
Many wonder how can be same character twice in team,how do dropships work and stuff so I want to ask what was your dinner yesterday?Why is no one able to eat Surströmming and why do kids Love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?


I really want to know how all of the adaptions came to be from their OG selves, if they are indeed canon.


Timelines. Supposedly all adaptations are now canon in the world of Evolve. I’d like to know if you could elaborate the storyline, when and what happened that caused Abe to jump to the Assault side if Parnell is still alive? What Hunters remain?

How did the adaptive Monsters come from their original counterparts?


Which Hunters die in the lore, and how?


Matt, who of the hunters could survive the Gom Jabbar, and pass the test of humanity?


At this point, is the full story of Evolve mapped out in some way, even if it’s just a skeleton? Like, have you guys decided who lives and who dies, who’s doing what in which era, all that stuff?


Screams like a Banshee Missile


How did Crow and Gobi come across each other?


For me the one thing I’d be really interested in is the timescales between the four stages we already are aware about, being

  1. the first contact of the hunter team on shear,
  2. picking up tier 4
  3. picking up tier 5 and then
  4. Cataclysm, the renegade Abe period starting, presumably, with the coming of Meteor Goliath(s)