Evolve Wraith 3D digital model

Is it possible to get a digital 3D model of the wraith so I could print little wraith for me to have?

Look through @precise_sculptor’s. I believe he made a 3D printable one. You could look through his posts to find his account on the 3D printing website thing, he’s posted it several times. I don’t know if the Wraith model is there, but I know he has several hunters and a Gorgon bust.


Thank you.

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It hasn’t been updated in a while, so there’s no news on the Wraith model.


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Damn, that Caira grenade launcher is amazing, who ever made it

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you know whats great about those models? well the 3d is already made for you… grab it, t pose it, rig it. animate it.

public sourced files

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That is true, but it would be even better if I had a 3D printer

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Does anyone have the stl files to 3d print the modelos of all the hunters?

mrw someone posts in a 3-year-old thread

Have you tried thingiverse?