Evolve would make a great movie


There’s just so much story behind the dialogues and awesome moments I would like to see, like Sunny rescuing Abe and Parnell, Maggie trying to leave factor, tension between the group and Val, and also tension between Abe and Slim. There’s just so much to see.


And so much epic stuffs like flying with their jetpacks!

I mean look at the intro! Look at Val use her Jetpack all Hax like! I WANT TO ZOOM ABOUT THE MAP LIKE THAT!

But nah really though it would have to be done as a series.

A live action series calls for a bad series unless they had someone that knows their shit and doesn’t screw things up. Michael Bay would be good! Need a heal burst? EXPLOSION!

I want to see it done as either a cartoon/anime or CGI (preferred) like how it is done in the game so that the original voice actors can keep their roles.

Damn it… now the more I think about it the more I want to see a CGI series…

Quick! TRS! Talk to a smart person about the TVs and stuffz and make a thing that people can watch for entertainment! Or just wait for a youtuber to make their own series I guess…


I either want a good CGI show or a nice live action movie


Remember Live action isn’t always the best…


Then something that looks like the star wars old republic cinematic trailers


Hence why I said CGI like from teh gamez bruh!


Yeah ha sorry


For some reason i was thinking of starwars the clone wars becuase i saw cartoon


Oh well yeah that would be fine for me. There are too many Cartoon/Anime styled shows. Granted they can still be good but I feel like we need more CGI shows… lord knows we have the technology.


It will probably be super expensive though


But if it’s facking awesome then the money will roll in for the show and the game and then TRS will make MILLIONS! HHHMMMMUUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHACOUGHHAHAHA!!!