Evolve Won't Launch


Title says it all. Open steam, press play (update downloaded, everything’s up to date) nothing happens. Will update if I finally make it into the game.


Is this for PC? If so, right-click the game, go to Properties, then select local files, then verify integrity of game cache. This cleared the issue up for me. After validating it told me I had some 169 files missing or some such and were replaced(?) Don’t know but I was able to click and launch afterwards.


I’m already working on doing exactly that. I’m hoping fervently that reinstallation is unnecessary b/c it takes 6 hours to download that 3gb patch :’(


Hope this works for you!


It’s now re-acquiring around 169 files… will update again if it succeeds, at which point you may close the thread :slight_smile:


It took nearly a half hour to download that paltry 116mb… but now Evolve is working!


WOO HOO! So happy…go play!