Evolve won't be competetive and will fidle untill Leader boards are fixed


Devs need to get the leader boards fixed asap nothing kills the competetive scene faster than easily abusable leaderboard system.

Its currently possible to just Disconnect as the monster and the hunters to avoid losses alltogether if you are loosing, resultin in players at the top of the lists being 200-0.

So make it a loss if you disconnect it might not be fair if our internet craps out but atleast its better than the current system.


Honestly I’d rather not have global leaderboards. Just friend or played against/with boards. Global boards always end up abused unless under 24/7 surveillance.


Maybe they could have a separate leaderboard where it’s just those on your friends list.

Personally I don’t have much use for the leaderboard except for checking my own stats


Screw leaderboards. No one cares about them because they are almost always topped by cheaters of some for or another.

Real competition will be in organized tournaments…


I think the percentage of people that truly care that much about leaderboards, that they will cheat to keep their stats, is so small that whatever it is you are complaining about, doesnt matter.


Hard to abuse good leader boards, like in League of legends or have they been abused?


^I’ll just quote that again at you.


No it wont be small they will fill the boards and Leader board will be irrevelant at that point killing the Pvp community, have seen this way way too often.


So Legends “boards” are under bot/algorythm surveilance this needs to happen for this game also, or it will be irrevelant.
There is no reason to make a board/ranking system where you have humans surveiling it.


No algorithm is perfect. They will ALWAYS be abused, you NEED a human eye to monitor it.


Then it needs to be monitored simple as that or it will kill one part of the community agreed?

Even thou if some people dont care about those lists/boards or what ever you want to call them it doesen’t mean that we should not have them and the boards them self’s need to be functional.


The problem is, can you justify the manpower necessary? a.k.a. are you aiming for e-sports level? If not, then why bother with boards?


sure if your not aming to be there then just remove them, but for now they are there and should be fixed/monitored.
It just means that there will never be a “real” competetive community if they get removed.


Competitive communities in the past were never formed around game-provided leaderboards.


Welcome to the present day, where all the recent e-sport games have leaderboards/ranking systems that work.


Welcome to the delusional world because that isn’t true.


oh Sc2, Cs:go, League of legends, Dota 2, Sc, Heart stone not true?


I know for a fact the pro players of Dota 2 are NOT the highest MMR players. So I’m’a need you to work on your definition of “work”.


I think that the maint point to have any kind of ranking be it boards/leagues is for the players to have some kind of measure of relative skill, so when they are this easily abusable its the same if it was not there.



… 10char.