Evolve wildlife glitch


Has anyone ever spawned into a game with a monster health bar with only 2 bars and only about 1 20th of it filled. Some people believe u spawned as a canyon strider. PLEASE DISCUSS BELOW.


There are already many threads about this. I don’t believe you are a wildlife as a harpoon turret can kill you.


Ok thnx I have never been able to be killed also u can scare birds it is pretty weird


I think it’s some sort of old/bugged observer/test drive mode. I had it happen to me once in the Big Alpha a long time ago.


I watched that video. The Hunters were like “WOOT?!”


Really? When it happened to me the harpoon turret just immobilized me. Spent five minutes just trying to break free.


Lol I could not find anyone and could not climb