Evolve web series?


So I was cleaning my house enjoying some good ol Red vs Blue (Halo series)when i had a great idea…

first off Red vs Blue was created by playing a custom multiplayer game and adding some awesome voiceovers with hilarious dialogue. Add an epic storyline and RvB became a 5 season hit on youtube.

So my idea is this. maybe we can create our own storyline in custom matches. the monsters are player controlled so it wudnt be hard to do. creating our own campaign mode would be fun!


Like a machinima? That would sound fun to do! However I am incredibly inexperienced at that sort of thing so I’ll leave it to the professionals! :wink:

Good idea though! :thumbsup:


What he said^


omfg i love abridged and custom voice overs to… anything so if anyone does start this please drop me a line i have a amazing vocal range and voices and will be more then happy to help in both voicing and idea storming for lines.


Hey I may not be much of a voice actor but I can be good at roaring, as in doing all the death metal screamo stuff! I learned and take after the amazing Mike Patton for his work in Left 4 Dead and ‘I am Legend’! I can do most zombie screams or what have you! Not sure about a few voice lines though! Although I could do mostly replicate Bucket, if I could! :bulb:


oh oh being evolve and borderlands is both under 2k when a new set of hunters is released one would ask why bucket has a British accent where he reply’s “My original voice came from a CL4P-TP model and it was so loud and annoying Hyde tried hunting me”


i’m going to necro this because i think it would be a fun idea to think about again