Evolve web page

I’m super upset I can’t get on my phone to check evolve updates anymore. I checked almost every day and you guys keep letting me down on everything. I loved evolve but now it’s like I don’t know what happened to it. Now I can’t even see updates that a paid good money for I’M SICK OF THIS. Good day

What site are you having issues with?

What phone/browser are you using?
It works fine for me. Galaxy S4/Chrome

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No idea what you’re talking about dude… It works fine for me. That sounds more like a “You” problem.

Charge that phone!!! :open_mouth:


Shhhhhh, it’s okay. It’s just it’s time.


What’s funny is that was the first thing I noticed too.


No that worked fine but here’s the thing I had to put my birth date in again, which I could put the date in fine but it wouldn’t allow me to press enter. Cause before they updated you could actually hit the enter button :neutral_face:

Everything but enter worked on mine
I’m on my IPhone 5 going through the Google app.

Does switching to Desktop view work?

What about a different mobile browser?

Safari didn’t work

This is all that happens on safari and my laptop after you press enter nothing loads. You still can’t press enter over the Google app though.

Well I figured out it prefers one over the other. I just can’t go to Official Site of Evolve the Game | Turtle Rock Studios | 2K. Which is the one I always went on. But I guess not anymore

This is so strange. I tested the site last night on my desktop and chromebook, in IE (or whatever the WX version is called) and chrome. I had zero issues.

It is really strange but I guess it’s whatever :pensive:

Try one more thing. Try deleting any cookies or using an incognito/private browsing window.

Lol 2% battery life left :smile: wait… reads 1% battery life on my phone


Well I eventually got it to work 1 out of the 4 ways I could get on the site. Which is odd but I managed to :sweat_smile: