Evolve Wallpapers


Hi everyone !
A while back i posted a Evolve wallpaper, but after all this time i finally made a new one.

Available in the following sizes: [1920x1200] [1920x1080] [1600x1200]

Here is the older one

Also available in the following sizes: [1920x1200] [1920x1080] [1600x1200]

Got another one that looks more like the old one, i made it before Turtle Rock announced the kraken. I was thinking about other monsters and what they would look like. Not sure if i should post it…

I hope you like these :slight_smile:


I love your work! Here are the ones I made

I made the design modular, so I can do any hunter/monster combination at any resolution if anyone wants something particular. I’ll update this with a new set once the third monster is released.


Awesome wallpapers.

That reminds me @Takran I may be hitting you up for some graphical assistanec if you are up for it. I am in need of some things and need some graphical savvy person for the job!


It’d be a pleasure! just message me what you have in mind, and I’ll see what I can do.


Nice job guys, these are solid!


Come on man, I thought you switched Maggie & Griffin lol. Nice work to both of you


I did, I just have a hard time dissociating Goliath+Griffin and Kraken+Maggie. The other versions are still totally available.


Awesome guys! I’ll point to this thread in the community resources


Just teasing. It is really hard to associate Maggie with the tier 1s and Griffin with the tier 2s lol. I like them better the old way because that’s what we know them as


Actually, @mentalmars and @Takran, would you mind if we shared these on Facebook?


Really love the design and idea of the Kraken one man! Both are awesome love it. Keep it up


Sure, i made it for the fans :slight_smile:
(oke, also for myself :wink: )


Sreiously!? that would be amazing!! Thanks so much!


The link in the community resources is broken, it’s missing the last number 140 -> 1408


Here is the Wallpaper i wasn’t sure about.
When we only knew about the goliath i was thinking of what kind of monsters the game would contain.
So after the concept of the first one, i made a second one.

Also available in the sizes: [1920x1200] [1920x1080] [1600x1200]


And Thanks @DamJess for sharing the other ones :slight_smile:


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