Evolve vs The BS tree


I’m a fan of Jim Sterling, despite some of the hurtful rhetoric he’s said about a few games I like. Evolve and Mad Max for example. But even he admitted that when it comes to 2015 AAA games with DLC, Evolve stood out as the one that did right by the gamers.
From gamers who walked away with disappointment to others that were turned off from the start, Stage 2 has turned heads back to Evolve.
But Sterling still has to take a few extra shots at Evolve, even if he’s impressed by this overhaul. He is brutal even when praising someone.
Just thought I should share this video on the forums. :+1:
(Note: If someone already shared this video, I’m sorry. I tried searching the forums to see if anybody else did and found nothing)
Evolve talk starts at 1:59. Not sure what the Pogs or Boglins bit was about.


Sterling can be a jackass, but that is what gives him views. It’s sorta like how Angry Joe fakes outrage to get his views. They each have a niche and it’s what works for them.