Evolve vs. Rainbow Six Siege


So its been 5 months since I’ve even touched Evolve and in that time I’ve played some different games. cod fps, battlefront, and the game I’d like to compare in this thread Rainbow Six Siege.

For anyone who doesn’t know what game I’m talking about, it’s fps that is almost similar in playstyle to evolve (only my opinion), but has a lot a key differences.

  1. Characters
    -evolve started out with 3 tiers and shortly after tier 4 followed.
    -RSS started out with 20 operators, and has 2 newly added operators.

  2. Graphics
    -Evolve has stellar graphics and keeps impressing me each time I watch vids of evolve
    -RSS has slightly worse graphics (about the same before the downgrade) but still very stunning

  3. Release problems
    -Evolve and RSS both had connection to server problems
    -RSS still (as of 2/25/16) has really bad net code.

4, DLC
-evolve dlc as we all know was pretty bad from a marketing end, but still had great additions with the dlc
-RSS plan is also not the best but the offer of getting all operators is a big 1-up

-evolve I always felt like the game had too much of a balance wall for some time and not very skill reliant when you go randoms
-RSS pretty good balance except for shotguns and c4 as of now

So what I really want from you reading this post is your thoughts on 2 similar games (I know they aren’t exactly the same, but similar) Also I want to know which had the stronger release, what is going to be more successful, and some criticism on what I wrote

Hope you all are still holding up over there,


You can’t really compare the two. One is a sci-fi hunting game and the other is a military team based tactical shooter.

If you want to talk about which will have more longevity I think Siege is already taking that, but due to the fact it’s a more familiar game for people to get into. I don’t want to use twitch as a the be-all answer but it has a healthy following that has thousands of viewers on a regular basis, meaning it still has peoples interest even a couple months after launch which is a good sign because it means it has a decent retention rate.


Can’t compare the two games…

Might as well compare a slingshot to a silenced handgun…

People will flock to RSS because it’s closer to CoD and didn’t get as much bashing as Evolve.

If a game is different from your casual shooter and requires more thought than “You go here I go there.” then it’s going to be a tough ride for that game because it’s a tiny David vs a Pumped up Juiced up Steroid filled Meteor Goliath.


Rainbows full of bugs even more than Evolve if that’s even possible!

Both good games plagued by game breaking bugs but I put up with Evolve’s I guess, it’s like that first love moment where you kind of see through their bad points!


I’ve noticed that a lot of people who play rainbow six also play evolve. This is probably so because they are both games that require teamwork and coordination to win (at least in higher level of play in r6) I’m not sure if both can really be compared. Evolve is a 4v1 type of game, which is kind of the first of its kind while r6 revolves around 5v5s.

Also, the only shotgun that is close to being OP is the m10. The shotguns in this game require you to be close for them to 1 shot and sub/assault rifles can just as easily 1 shot people with headshots at any range. I wouldn’t call the c4 OP either, it’s very slow when thrown and makes a very distinct sound before it is thrown, allowing time to counter or dodge it.


First of its kind maybe on consoles but I’m sure PC has these types of games already before Evolve.


I haven’t heard of a triple-A game that revolves around 4v1 game modes. Evolve is truly one of a kind. I’m not pc, so if you could list a couple then I’d be wrong.


It’s the first that I’ve heard of as well.


What bugs are you talking about specifically? Most have already been fixed.

@Pancake_Mix The range on the shotguns seems ridiculous to me, lots of people are using them the same way you would use the machine guns. Right now Frost’s Super90 shotgun is probably the most damaging at a longer range at the moment.

One topic now though…

R6:S is a Tom Clancy game, so it already had a fan base at launch; something Evolve didn’t have. Also, the fact that you can buy the new Operators using either money or 25,000 Renown each (currency you gather free playing) is a pretty neat deal.

Also, if you want to talk about R6:S here on the forums, you can do so here:


On the operator point the difference compared to hunters is less significant. Operators have 1 skill that seperates them from the others they may have various guns and armor/speed levels but some they share them with other operators.
Hunters only share class abilities and there is still 4 classes.
RS6S is still awesome i like the game 2nd to Evolve. But i figured i’d mention the difference.


-Rubber banding


-Error messages still when joining parties or searching for game

-Getting stuck in 1 place,having to go prone to get out of it


I dunno, when I tried RSS on PS4 it looked like s**t to me, but then the previous games I had played before were Battlefront 4 & Witcher 3.


My own comparisons between RSS and Evolve.

  1. RSS is more balanced.
  2. map rotation sucks dick on both.
  3. RSS’ netcode is awful.
  4. Evolve requires more teamwork as one good player can carry a team in RSS.
  5. Wider variation in characters/equipment in Evolve.
  6. Larger variety of game-changing mechanics in RSS.
  7. Mistakes are generally punished more severely in Evolve.
  8. RSS offers almost cinematic experiences, Evolve doesn’t.
  9. RSS offers the ability to surprise enemies whereas in Evolve both teams are usually always ready for an attack.


No it is not Prudii, keep the thread on-topic please.


It was clearly a reference to apples and oranges but fine.


Well shotguns tend to 1 shot me (Maybe because of net code?) but I’ve been 1 shot on plane from longer hallway range many times, most are headshots! But, anyways the super 90? right now that thing is ridiculous and can’t even be compared to the rest of the shotguns because just too good. we’ll see where the balancing comes in, but I have faith in them!

Also gonna throw in that both games need teamwork to have the best possible gameplay


Cmon find a game that has a player controlled giant monster that can chuck rocks and breath fire at player controlled hunters. Evolve is something new,
Rainbow six is a concept everyone is familiar with. Not bashing rainbow six I just see evolve as something new and could lead to better things in the future of gaming.


R6: Siege is a little better done IMO. It’s a perfect example of a quality over quantity multiplayer game and it’s retention and activity is doing pretty well.


R6S you can have fun in pubs as much as ranked

You can wibe the whole enemy team alone

Rewarding individual skill & team skill

Learning curve is not big

You can bring other fps game experience to the game … if you are good with FPS games . you will be good

Evolve is better at all aspect except those


i enjoy r6 a lot, i think it’s better balanced… shotguns are not op, so isn’t c4.
you can discuss kapkan traps vs frost bear traps (which are better imo) but it is not gamebreaking.

there is not really DLC content… you can buy a season pass that gives you more points for unlocking skins, you are able to play new released operators for a few days before everyone can unlock them… but in the end EVERYONE can play new content. people do not rage that much for a teambased game, because one guy who is really skilled can carry a noob team.

ranked is far more interesting than in evolve… you can decide maps, rooms, modes.
they release patches regulary on all consoles, the playerbase is doing pretty good.
you can kick players, after the last patch (yesterday) you can report cheaters ingame.

i think r6 is doing a lot of things very well.

i stopped playing evolve, will keep playing r6 until overwatch is out.