Evolve videos, playlists and streaming


As a heads up I’m ramping up my release of Evolve videos starting tomorrow. Instead of 3 every day you will be getting at least 4.

Wednesday will have 6 Videos to help pass hump day for everyone.
Thursday will have 4.
Friday will have 4.
Saturday will have 7.
Starting Sunday I hope to cut up my press release footage and start posting at least 1 an hour for Sunday and Monday. I will be editing those hopefully on Thursday when I am not streaming.

I have also included 3 bonus videos for release right now. They show the tutorial videos and how to get through them quickly. Goliath I finished on my second try and got 5 Minutes 2 seconds. Markov was my first try and got 5 minutes 32 seconds. I also have a long video showcasing the Wraith test footage we did to determine a lot of answers from people regarding her skills as well as determine some useful in game mechanics. Remember, this is beta footage so it is subject to change with the changes to Wraith coming for release.

Here are the links:
For the Beta Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vse13FsErA&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1wKP7YVpMP3f6EC8hLd1nQa
For the Bonus Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUpav_jGxF4&list=PL-XsFNO4RD1wz2A4bMufeQ3rSr_Hoc5Kc

My Youtube channel can be found here: www.youtube.com/user/maddcowqq

For those that are just getting into Evolve, I also have 168 games from the Big Alpha in my playlists that are divided by Hunter/Monster and my organized 4 man. Feel free to look around and see what interests you. I also am streaming the Press Release build up until release of the game itself. That can be found here. MaddCow’s Twitch Channel Right now it’s mostly in the evenings and almost all day Thursday and Sunday. Stop by as I generally ask chat what they would like to see played and tested.


Cow, have I ever told you that I love you? Because I do. In a passive, non romantic way.

Now I can stave off my withdrawal symptoms with a nice warm glass of milk. If there was a super upvote mega ultra once-only promote I-love-you exaltation button I’d use it on you.

Good night. I’m going to go watch all your videos again.


Awww thanks for the Midnight. I feel the same. Can a Cow love a Flower? I say yes :smile:
Anyway, because of the sweet gesture, I’ve managed to locate 4 more videos that I will be uploading on Saturday. So 11 in total. One is even against the ever so sneaky Essen :slight_smile:


Yay! Thank you Cow.

@Essen you’re going to be famous soon.


The Magic Roundabout agrees.