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EnergyOne Evolve Videos

Hey gang! EnergyOne here…

I thought while we wait for the game I could put up some of the videos created for this title. I am even thinking about making a new series with you guys & gals when the game goes live.

The EnergyOne channel has been known for other game titles in the past and I want to… EVOLVE the community. Eh? Eh? OK that was a terrible pun.


You should put that here:

It’ll get a lot more attention, at any rate, and it helps keep the forums clean.


Will do, and thanks!


Once you do that, you should get a mod to close this topic. Anyway, I’m off to go watch your videos.


Thanks again. Phil already gave a like to this thread so they are aware.


You can also tag a Mod, like such. @Plaff.

Then they show up and… destroy everything… but oh well.