Evolve video. - Evolve hype to dead playerbase


Evolve misunderstood :cry:

Its a pretty tough video to watch, it represents a negative view of evolve. i find it interesting to see evolve through negative glasses. i understand there are many things not done right with evolve but for me the positive overrides and i have blind love for the game i guess.

*my favorite part of the video was when they had an after match replay and all 4 hunters followed directly behind the monster the entire match and wondered why they are not having fun.

Omg stop talking rubbish

I will rather not write my honest opinion on this video, because I would get banned permanently from this forums.

But to midly sum up my feelings:

Author was just another braindead sheep following tbe bandwagon of hate, trying to get “likes and views” from all the other haters by using outdated and misleading information

A.) “Lack of content” , hell nope, he havent said anything about free variations at least.
And I love how he says “Lack of content” and when there is Season pass 2 mentioned he says " just another DLC to charge money on microtransactions".

B.) “Enormous amounts of DLC” again, same story, those are just skins,which you dont need, but simply hate kids wont derstand

C.)“15$ for Monster” no effort made to look up the real prices, he just copy-pasted some 1 year old shit

D.)“Game horribly ballanced” when? Again 1 year ago? But I must admit that fornew players it might look like that, but they have to realize that it take some time to learn Evolve, its not Minecraft.

E.) " We had no fun at all chasing 1 target"
Because the trapper suck. But again, I can feel them in this point, because the game is really not fun when 1 team member sucks.

But again, he made no effort to find information by himself, and maybe add to video that in next patch the flee till 3 will be gone. Nope, just copy pasta hate and nonsense bullsht.

F.)“Fact that you cant play monster when in party is absurd” again, just another 1 year old bs.

G.) “Low player base” I agree that it is low, but maybe if idiots like that guy stopped doing hate videos like that, the playerbase will grow?

Even though the video is complete outdated crap (sorry for language), the sad thing is all the other potentional players will not look up information by themselves and will just blindly believe it, and spread those lies to their friends etc etc, because
" Its video from 2016, See? I told you Evolve suck nothing has changed!"


  1. The part That I approve is following 1 target for 20+ min which will be solved in 9.0 TU

  2. Player base: One of the main reasons that player base is low is because public hunters don’t play it as teamwork . They don’t know what theyre doing . Medic - support : shooting the monster while their teammate are suffering from low health . They have overall a different experience from Ranked players (more likely bad & frustrating) … it’s their problem yes but hopefully TRS can provide command system - tutorial system so it can be easier for them


  1. getting pub stomped
  2. an easy win against lvl 1 monster that doesn’t know what he is doing
  3. following the monster for 20+ min … fights doesn’t last more than 1 min

They follow the monster for 20+ min . In fights They die in 10 seconds . NO one is doing his job until some one goes down .

Other than this . The game is perfect and worth more than triple or sixth x 60$ . Many content . Variations . Free maps … free stuff

The author is baised and is full of shit. He is full of hatred

Pretend that DLC skin doesn’t exits . Is it going to hurt you ?? Do people feel they are forced to buy it ?

It doesn’t make any freaking sense that Reviewers take DLC skin as part in their reviews . DLC is an additional content .

I only play evolve … take all of my games but let me have this.

This is an intense amazing addicted game that provide an experience no other games provide


This is just an undifferentiated, superficial view of a game which deserves by nature (because it´s a complex multiplayer 4v1) some deeper thoughts about what´s good or bad. Some arguments like arguing about DLC represent the overall quality of the video and as @Zeon said it´s just sad that they refer to things which existed around launch instead of being up to date…I´ll leave a comment on youtube!


The sad reality for evolve is it became popular to hate it


Best part about the video is the guy thats raging about skins and that those skins aren’t in the season pass. I mean, why the fuck would you need cosmetic stuff in a season pass!? Some of the stuff I can understand and the rest is just bullshit of an idiot that doesn’t understand shit. Welcome to the Internet


Not only that, but at some point in the skill ladder, all of the team needs to open their eyes and look for the monster. It’s easy to blame the trapper because the Monster was sitting in a bush that Assault and Medic passed by without checking it, while the trapper trys to cut of the monster’s former route.

But yeah, just following Daisy wont get you close enough to the monster.


The Angry Joe review was so cringeworthy. The actual problems with Evolve were hardly touched on, and he obviously didn’t spend enough time playing to have a good understanding of the meta game.


To be honest I’m tired of defending Evolve at this point. Wasted way too much time trying to do that.

Yes it’s misunderstood, but it is publisher’s (and to some extent devs) responsibility to make sure that it’s not misunderstood. They failed to do that. Instead, they misrepresented a lot of things and made it easy to misunderstand even for people who don’t suffer from extreme lack of intelligence, not to mention those not very bright gamers (who possibly make up for 70% of all gamers).


I think the problem with many of these critical reviews about Evolve (especially the AngryJoe review) is that many of the arguments they make are outdated. New updates are always improving the game and the DLC is now awesome with new hunters and monsters. Plus we all love free skins. None of this is ever mentioned in the reviews.


A lot of things are never mentioned by reviewers. Like how many companies actually did good reviews on the game. When there are much worse games that practically have a p2w system built into it. Or you get to pay 15$ just to continue playing with friends.


So why do we have yet another thread here to remind us loyal and not blind people that the game isn’t being as loved as it should and that makes us angry at the sheer thought of this?

Thanks, now we all can all get pissy and insult the outsiders again about the same crap saying the same crap again and again.

OP shows clip of hater on Evolve

Everybody watches it

Everybody gets angry because Evolve is just misunderstood

Everyone starts calling the outsiders blind and stupid


For future reference on everyone’s part, we fucking know about the state that Evolve is in. Least y’all can do is help make it more enjoyable by not showing the weekly episode of “Why this asshole hates Evolve!”


this video just seems to be clips of other and older people’s reviews and videos


This video makes me sad. Like, actually, real life sad :cry:


It’s a way to grab the like minded. I’ll stick with the positive vibes from the kindred spirits. The game can be improved in some aspects but then again so can all things. Especially people.


This is sad cause all I’d see is just people use to playing very easy games, and this isn’t one you can be good at, just at the start of it. Why play the game if you don’t wanna learn but just wanna think your awesome cause anyone can kill anyone huh. All the DLC shaming is just their excuse for their poor play.


Not going to click but it’s hilarious how hypocritical gaming fanbases are while paying out the ass for F2P games and games that have content lined up in similar ways as Evolve did.

Don’t get me wrong, 2K fucked up with the marketing, pricing, and general approach, but it’s still amusingly ironic.


Hey everyone, please keep in mind that 2K is the reason we are all playing Evolve right now. They are also funding TRS to keep the game going.

There was definitely confusion at the games release, but Evolve is something of a pioneer in AAA gaming.


the only game off the top off my head that gives skins in a season pass is batman arjham knight
cod dosent do it right


that playerbase spike is scary O_O