Evolve Versions


Hi its rly nice its FTP now but i hate this founder edition it have evryone who buy it and no matter what version he buy. I thing it need something bettr for players who own MONSTER RACE edition


There’s no founders edition, there’s only founder status to anyone who owns the game.


Founder status doesn’t provide you everything. Only whatever the first three tiers, and whatever DLC you had in Legacy.


Ok sry Founder status but still its for evryone who buy and can buy it now too https://www.g2a.com/evolve-steam-cd-key-global.html :slight_smile: so players who buy it have nothing special i thing and the players who spend lots of money for Monster Race have now only characters what they buy for money just want something special thats all


You don’t have to grind to unlock your characters and you’ll have access to futures adaptations of characters you own as well. :slight_smile: