Evolve Unofficially Official Gamescom Meetup

All Aboard!

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That is a plane ticket for 1 midget. Strap me too the bottom.

No need, we can have a fleet. We can fly in style.

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Deal. We’ll call ourselves…EVOLVEHYPE and it’ll look like this

I’ll be going to gamescom starting in 2 years when I can travel alone. Then the world will be mine.

I feel you, don’t take that in a creepy way

Too late bruh

Dang it! Now the obsidian grub is creepy

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I wish I could come and hang out with you lovely ladies. It’s a tad far lol. But hopefully if there is an east coast event I will be there.

I hate living in the Midwest. nothing with videogames happens out here

Wish I could go, but I doubt you would want to talk to a guy from high school anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

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But we would! Wish you could join :slight_smile:

So jealous about people seeing T5 trapper live and them getting to talk to TRS.

I was actually thinking of going to gamescom this year.

But EU decided that we need capital controls, so i can’t even book ticket because banks are a mess. #ThanksGreece

But yeah hope everyone enjoys

Other side of the world, and I’m just (well… soon. place isn’t open yet.) starting to get those paycheck things… :stuck_out_tongue:

Buuut if you ever do another meetup in SoCal, I’m down! :smile:

I’m gonna be there but only Friday and Saturday, not Wednesday :frowning:

Sounds like no one can go

i agree with synrix saturday would be better for me :wink:

Nawww. Company’s view has changed or I’d be there. :heart_decoration:

I fly into Cologne at 10:40 on Wednesday so I will miss the meetup :crying_cat_face:

But! I will be at Gamescom for all 4 days! So I will still get to see everyone hopefully! :heart_eyes_cat: