Evolve Unofficially Official Gamescom Meetup

Planning to be at Gamescom this year? PERFECT. We want you! Join us Wednesday, August 5th at 19:00 for an Unofficially Official Evolve Meetup.

Hopefully you, but aside from your beautiful face; Chloe, Shane, Jess, and DB will also be present.

The plan is to grab some Kölsch and simply hang out! We can talk about Evolve, other games, cheese, and life. This is event is very casual, please feel free to bring friends.

Brauhaus Sünner im Walfisch
Salzgasse 13
50667 Köln

August 5th, from 19:00 to 22:00.

The real question is – Why not?

You don’t have to RSVP, but if you ‘like’ or comment on this post, that might help us figure out how many to expect!

Hope to see you there.

-TRS & 2K


Awesome stuff!


Man, I wish I could go. :crying_cat_face: Too bad I have no money to travel.


@THISaint will you be at Gamescom?! :heart_decoration:

Ah, man. That sounds like a lot of fun. Tells us all about it… whoever actually goes.


Why thank you, m’lady. Unfortunately my beautiful face won’t be able to go. :sob:


for gamescom. so prob not going to be there.

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Aw but you dont need a ticket to come have some Kölsch with us!! We would still wanna see you :slight_smile:

Noooooo :sob: maybe we can hang one day sooooon

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I am sure I’ll be able to meet the TRS team someday. :smile:

Maybe… Just maybe I’ll be able to make it there. xD

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Yes a reveal is waiting for us, pack your bags guys! Sadly I don’t have the conveniences of flying all the way to Germany.

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I looked at the logistics just in case the other day, they weren’t favourable. I need to forward plan this stuff better :expressionless: Enjoy it, whoever can make it :wink:

I wonder if I could hitchhike all the way to Germany from Canada…

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Cool! But I don’t think I can go because the 7th is my birthday.

Why not Friday? :open_mouth:

Only on Friday in Cologne. :sob:

Unfortunately I can’t drive to Germany :cry:

Really is this “Germany” thing real you’ll be in Germany for gamescom.

Probably cause i don’t know where and when gamescom is

Guys. Be reasonable. All you guys that can’t drive or hitchhike all the way to Germany, come with me! We can make it on the HYPE PLANE!