EVOLVE (Un)Official Ranked Series 0


Hello! Many of you have seen me in the forums, and some of you have been lucky enough to play with or unlucky enough to play against me. Well, I have a proposal for every person who wants to volunteer in this competition.

What is it?

This is an event that doesn’t have a tournament-style play, but a ranked-style play. There are two brackets: Hunter and Monster. This is to simulate a ranked leaderboard for hunter and monster players to compare yourself to others.


Since I am the only person running the show, I’m making this series 10 games only per person. You MUST play in Hunt mode without a party.

No friends can join you. You MUST queue alone. If you end up in a lobby after players have been found, and you end up with a friend without them joining you or being invited, it’s fine.

Players can only sign up for one Monster or Hunter bracket. You MUST specify immediately when replying to this post if you are joining and what position you are taking.

Once signed up, the next 10 skirmish games you play must be recorded and reported to this thread using screenshots of your performance compared to global average. You CAN screenshot if you win or lose, but I EMPLORE you be honest about your win or loss. And with each update, include what role you played and what bracket you are in.

I am currently going to hold 30 positions. If there are many competitors, I will allow 25 to 40 per bracket, depending on bracket pick rate.

AGAIN, you must record your performance numbers compared to the current global average after each game. Screenshots are nice, but I am imploring a trust system to people who are on consoles or can’t SS.


I will be using a point-average system that will divide your performance in each area by the total average of that performance * 20 + Win/Loss points. If you win, you will earn 50 points. If you lose, you will lose 80 points. You cannot drop below 0. Losing players will still have their averages added to the negative value, reducing their impact to an average of 20 point loss (assuming you held average in each area).

Sign-ups are now. I will also be joining the Bracket for Hunters. Sign-ups end the 26th. The event ends on the 1st of next month. All unplayed games for each player will result in 0 points, so your score will NOT drop or increase for unplayed games.



Yazkin - 0 points


taskforcem85 - 3326 points

kyronr600 - 0 Points

MedicAndy - 0 Points

Ezghoul - 0 Points


Position held for final score.


Bump. Nobody wants to try this out?


is this for pc only ? a large scale version of this would be awesome lol.


I’ll get my Kraken games on here soon. I can play 10 pretty quickly :stuck_out_tongue: School just needs to end faster :unamused:


I could make it large-scale. But it would require either separate boards or a universal one.

You know what? I’ll make it all-consoles. But they still need screenshots of average numbers and their performance numbers.


So what exactly do you need screen capped?


The performance numbers. You know, your performance compared to the global average


So you’ll want victory screen, and performance numbers. To see that we aren’t geting 50 damage on abilities and winning?


my only gripe is that i like to fight stage 1-2 and end it. sometimes its one fight. for a total of 6400 hp (all hunters in one go). so im not hitting the averages but i swept them. does that make sense?

I dnt want to delay games so i get higher numbers lol. to be honest. if i get anywhere higher than 25k in damage as a monster. I have done bad.


I don’t need the victory screen, but would prefer one. I am trusting competitors to be honest in their victory.

It makes sense. I’m trying to adjust the formula to account for time and make up for lower numbers. If you win in less time, you would get more points. If you go over a certain time, you get negative points. But the formula is the issue, but I’m still experimenting to aid for both brackets.


im down to try it out if more ppl get involved. ill be in the monster bracket. were only allowed to be on one side right?


Yes, only one side. If i allowed for both, i would be up for hours doing math and finalizing numbers.


tag me when it starts, im on ps4 for the monster bracket. if we must choose 1 monster then ill be kraken. otherwise i like to rotate through 10 games. 1 each round lol.


9-1 as Kraken. Lost my only game against @darkinwolf and his premade. Hats off to him for making me make a ton of mistakes and then capitalizing on them.

@Yazkin 10 games are complete.


Im gonna get ma Wraith groove on. Is she banned? Or is she still considered a legitimate monster for use in your competition? I’m down for this. But I hope you know the leaderboards were hacked and the global averages are whack.
Super Soldier Global Average Damage : 96
Global Average Tranq’d Duration : 4 seconds


Wraith isn’t banned. It’s beatable by good teams.


so we choose one monster ?


Any monster. This is the entire monster roster and hunter roster. No bars.

Unless you cheat, Then there are bars.