Evolve ultimate edition question


OK I just bought the ultimate edition, physical copy, and installed it. Now I’m trying to figure out. Where all the dlc? I looked at the store and they still have prices on them.


What platform are you on?

Also, is the installation totally completed?


Im am on Xbox one
I just let it install overnight


Try going to Manage Game for Evolve. Then scroll all the way to the right and see if there’s any additional content left to be installed.


I looked at that nothing their. Should i reinstall?


No, try to purchase a dlc character. You should see a message that says you already own the content. Screenshot what you see if possible.


Redeem the code if there is any in the physical copy

First option :

Go to my games & apps

Select evolve … wait 1-2 minute till all dlc show up . Install it

Second option :

Go to evolve store . Buy it . The store will refuse to buy any content twice . you already bought it . Will show up the question . Do you want to install it

Third option :

Go to xbox store . Search for evolve . Install dlc


Have you checked to see if you have the characters unlocked? Try going into a Solo game and see if they’re all there.

In the Manage Game section, do you see a ton of installed content? Like Behemoth, Gorgon, Slim, Sunny, Crow, Torvald, Lennox, Jack, Kala, and Emet?

If not then there’s an issue, but if it’s there it’s possible the Store is bugging for you and showing you things you already own. It does that sometimes.


Already did.


Currently just reinstalling the game. Shouldn’t take long thanks to xfininty. I’ll post again to see if the problem still continues.


While you’re still testing things, please file a ticket with 2K support.


Best to have the issue on file, even if we figure it out. :slight_smile:


Alright I’ll keep that in mind after the installation is finished.


You don’t have to .

The game will not let you use any dlc unless you install it .

Make sure dlc is installed in your hard drive


What do you mean?



Do any of these options . It will work


For me, I just had to get a PSN account (Evolve was the first game I played when I got my PS4) and I had all my DLC. The code I got was NOT for Hunting Season Pass 2. It was for a digital copy of the game. Then again, I am on PS4, not XB1, so it might be different.