Evolve Twitch Sent me Here. Full Body Skins?

Has there been any word on full body skins for the hunters? I would be more than happy to pay for skins, but not for only a weapon skin. The only reason I have heard as too why there are no full body skins is because than the monster won’t recognize them anymore?

When I play monster I go by the color of the hunter’s name, not the model, it’s impossible to tell the color of the model I find. Beyond that I go by what weapon the hunter is using. Also different hunters of the same class have varying degrees of that color anyways.

If the color changing truly an issue you can make new skins but keep to the original color style, just a new suit in that color.

I would really love to see some new skins and I know I’m not the only one.


I believe they said that if they wanted to do full skins that they’d have to allocate people who are working on other stuff atm. They have said that they’ve been considering it because of how popular an idea it is

I’m in the same boat, not going to waste money buying weapon skins for hunters.

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obviously they will keep the class colour, but give the hunters a new “outfit” skin.

They totally recolored markov in the hunter quest app, I think they COULD do it and honestly I think they will when they have the resources to do so.

Yeah the moment Slim hit the scene that one went out the window for me; I’m not looking for Blue Cross on something the size of my pinky toe, I’m looking for that leech effect trail and the particle effects leading from the Hunter itself :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 for full-body skins!

I agree, that’s how I determine who is who, by what abilities they are using. I don’t think I have heard anyone say they actually tell who is who simply by the colour of the models.

I think if the reason for not having full body skins is the recognition problem, that’s just an excuse. If you don’t have the resources to do it right now say that. But charging 5 bucks for a weapon wrap is ridiculous.

I wanna see candy cane wraith Christmas :santa: themes

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just get rid of cairas pigtails pls then ill religously play her as a medic

They could separate the body skins and weapons…

Aaaahhhh… Just imagined Markov in some Dark Blue body skin + The arctic Weapon skin from app …image

I’d be down with that, give each character two customizations. Monster too, let us choose a skin AND a glow color. So sick of red glow on my bog skins. But if they did that they had better make your characters remember the customizations you have on so you don’t have to choose them every time.

I believe they will make it that way. You know more skins to buy = more money

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Agreed, I will not buy a single hunter skin as they are right now however I have bought two monster skin bundles already. (bog and cosmic)

i just had a thought. If a weapon skin is $2, then a full body skin will probably be $10 lmao