Evolve TV Series

It should be fairly obvious to most that with Evolve’s Unique style of play it would be extremely difficult for TRS to concoct a decent campaign. But I was talking with a few friends and we all agreed that a series of shorts involving the hunters would be a brilliant idea. I think its too late to add to this iteration of Evolve due to the declining interest of fans, but it would be an excellent selling point for Evolve 2. Starting from day 1 we could get weekly episodes for a short while, then they take a break until the next characters are released.

Personally I think this is a great alternative to a campaign, it keeps fan interest at a high, we get more in depth character interaction and it breaks the same class conversation barrier.

Any thoughts guys?


While it would be amazing, the amount of work required would be crazy (I presume?), and I just can’t imagine it happening sadly.

Well games usually have CGI scenes anyway, I wasn’t talking aboit live action because that would most likely be too costly

No I wouldn’t expect live action either. CGI would still require a shitload of work.

I want an Evolve cooking show with Bucket and Hank.


10/10 would watch for the amazing cooking tips.

jk for the beard and bucket action


I think that while an Evolve TV series would be awesome, unless it was about individual hunters or their talks before going to Shear, it wouldn’t work. Because the monsters are player controlled and can win games (which is hard to tell if that is or is not canon) that would mean that on unsuccessful hunts four hunters would die at one time, thus the show might not last too long.

only if the monsters aways lose

I was thinking more like short skits of hunter to hunter interactions rather than them hunting monsters

A show seems rather ambitious, but it would be a great show of love for their fans if TRS were to create short personal videos for each Hunter (and Monster?) that could be unlocked once you elite that character.

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