Evolve tutorial videos and ACTUAL in-game tutorials footage in this thread


Hey guys, I was looking for the original game tutorial videos while searching for good material to replace some of the bad quality pics in @Alex_Versnel 's thread [Guide to Evolve: Welcome to Shear][1] and I stumbled upon this channel where the streamer shows all the tutorial videos for each hunter and monster. It’s in 4K too.

In addition to the tutorial videos there’s also gameplay of TUTORIAL LEVELS for Markov and Goliath.

Goliath tutorial starts at 3:46,clicking the YOUTUBE icon in the lower left corner of the video should take you to the 5 video playlist.

Highly recommended watch for people new to the game, but forum veterans might find something interesting too(I for one haven’t seen the tutorial levels before)
[1]: Guide to Evolve Stage 2!


Pretty cool tutorial. Not the best player, but not terrible either. I never noticed that Hank has playing cards in his ‘arm band’ until seeing this. I like that they added the basics to a tutorial level, but feel like a few more advance mechanics would be welcome. Well done though :smiley: Loved the introduction to the Hunters and the ‘showdown’ at the end.


This was cool. I agree with MC, it was well done. :+1: