Evolve Tutorial by Ruva


So, you’re new to Evolve? Here’s a quick tutorial to get you started! I’ve divided it up into points of the game.

I. Pre-game(Monster):

  • If you’re playing the Monster, always choose the Wraith, because everyone loves to play against the Wraith. Don’t worry, it has a lot of HP so you have time to try out her cool moves.
  • If you don’t have Wraith, choose Goliath and run around a lot. (DON’T FORGET TO BUY A DLC SKIN TO SHOW YOUR FRIENDS HOW GOOD YOU ARE.)
  • When it comes to choosing your perk, always no matter what monster you’re playing, pick climb speed. Lot’s of climbing can really tone those tiny arms of yours.


  • Playing Medic? Pick Caira! But don’t use healing grenades! She does lot’s of damage so she doesn’t need to heal silly! Or Lazarus, so after you kill a buff you can revive it and get it again!
  • Support? Bucket of course! You can take your head off and fly around all game!
  • Trapper? Maggie because dog!
  • Assault? Parnell! You can do cool trick shots!
  • and for your perk, no matter the hunter you choose, jump height is the way to go!

II. Game Start(Monster)

  • Try as hard as you can to be the Wraith

Game Start(Hunter)

  • Man I sure hope the monster scares some birds

III. Mid-game(Monster)

  • Wraith spelled backwords is illuminati. Coincidence? I think not.


  • Your probably bored right now aren’t you? lol

III. Endgame(Monster)

  • Losing here is embarrassing but it happens to everyone!! Except for me of course … … … … … … LOOK I SPILLED COFFEE ON MY LAP I’M NOT THAT BAD AT THE GAME OKAY
  • Did you know that a Honey Badger was named because of it’s love for honey?
  • I once loved something… She didn’t love me back
  • I don’t need her okay, I’m a free spirit… I’m just waiting for the right one
  • Speaking of waiting, have you killed the hunter’s yet?


I hope this guide helped! If you have questions, please feel free to ask me anytime!


I find everything here offensive and I demand to be satisfried!


I like to pick Hyde with reload speed and throw grenades at my team nonstop. By slowing them down we never reach the Monster so we still have all our potions at the relay. Wildlife gives such few experience points that a hunter reaching stage 2 is impossible, especially since the experience is split and support keeps stealing my creep score. I tell pugs I’m trying to buy more damage but they only respond in chat and I don’t know how to read.


Thanks, you helped me so much with this tutorial.


With PUGs to prove my superiority I like to use big words I don’t really know what they mean so people think I’m photosynthesis…no monster stands a chance even with it’s pay to win skinz


…You realize that photosynthesis is essentially the process of making yourself green and then eating?


It ain’t easy being green

(That was part of the joke :slight_smile: )