Evolve TU9 at 60 fps on consoles?


I’m going to state the obvious: there is a big difference between 30 and 60 fps. I’d love to see Evolve running at 60 fps on PS4 or XOne, even if that means lower resolutions…

So, I’ve read this old article where one of the producers says that 60 fps on console was a possibility even after launch.

Maybe 60 fps for consoles in TU9?

Source: http://gamingbolt.com/evolve-to-hopefully-run-at-1080p60fps-on-ps4xbox-one-in-future-if-not-at-launch


Ps4 neo is your hope!


From the strange physics, to wildlife changes I’ve noticed on pc. I think hes on the right track! :slight_smile: Hopefully if we are lucky we will also get cross platform play! Sorry im dreaming but <3


Straight from the devs:


It would be nice to have this. It would also be great if we could do this.


No one is going to buy the ps4 NEO though, its a total waste of money for such a small upgrade. If mirrors edge catalyst is going to run at 60 fps on ps4, I’m very confident evolve can too.


The NEO hasn’t even been confirmed yet. All talk about it should cease.


That’s true, but there are too many information leaks and the like coming out. I’d say it’s a go for release probably this year and I wouldn’t doubt if MS does the same this year or early next before the new Nintendo system drops.


I doubt that a lot. I certainly won’t buy it this year if it is real and does come out. Maybe next year I’d buy it, but not this year.


I like gaming and when I can get 60 FPS on every game for me the PS4 NEO would be worth.

Please check the rumors of the gpu, cpu and ram data, its not a small upgrade. Its more than twice powerful than the old ps4. finally 60 FPS @1080 :smiley:

Evolve is powered by the cry engine, the cry engine eats the hardware (even on pc as well). There is nothing what TRS can do.

But its very clear! Amd got the big chip order, “dev” kits are out (digital foundry).

The good thing is you dont have to buy it its just and upgrade if you want and if it is worth it for you. I will buy it just to get 60 FPS and better graphics…


That’s a pretty misinformed statement.

Two different games, two different engines, two different developers, two different genres. Just because one game can run @ 60fps doesn’t mean Evolve can do it too.


PEE SEE MURST3R REC3 :thumbsup:


Maybe for you but I prefer console for many reasons!


I doubt it! don’t push the boat out lol.I still think this gen console games should have at least 2 options that PC has and i know some have it but mostly don’t that is FOV slider on FPS games and like you said an option to reduce or increase FPS.