Evolve Trophy and Achievement help


I didn’t see a thread like this, and I thought it would be useful to have one.

Anyways, I need help with Ninja Time (Kill a Hunter without taking any damage), Mano a Monster (Kill a Stage 3 Monster while being the only Hunter alive), Bone Jockey (Win while having spent most of your time in the air), Mud Monster (Win a match while sneaking most of the time), and Inconceivable (Kill the Monster without taking any damage).

Also for Three of a Kind and 12-Sided Die, do the variations count or do you have use the original versions?


Customs, unless you want to do it legitly.

Be Bucket in the Quarry in Broken Hill Murder Pits and stand in the opposite area of the arena, where it kinda watches over the area and place turrets and wait for Sudden Death.

Jump height and use a lot of jet pack.

Self explanatory, works great in Aviary and Distillery.

The same spot in the Quarry in Bhmp.

Mimic spamming or Lightning Strike from afar, haven’t tried to do this one.

Good question, no idea.


Variations don’t count. You just need the OG characters.


Oh. I was hoping the variations would count. I have Meaty elite. I’ll be fine with doing the same thing with Original Goliath.


Easy way for bone jockey is to just use kraken.


I am going try to get full armor at Stage 1, and then wait at the drop point for the Hunters and fight them there.


Like I said it’s fairly simple if you use kraken.


isn’t bone jockey a Hunter achievement? >.>


Nah, I got it with Kraken.


Oh, I guess it can be with both Hunters and Karken because I swear I did it as Val when I discovered jump height.