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I…think…I understand?


I miss @Terry_Locke he was a fun guy to play with.


Yep, I do miss playing some games with the whole gang. Legacy is installed for whenever the need is there :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember @10shredder00 was also the first person to discover the cupcake easter egg on the arena map Murder Pits. The easter egg was pure luck and had 1/1000000 chance of raining cupcakes instead of corpses, it’s a reference to the fact that the devs used cupcakes as light food in Evolve’s grand father Metamorphosis. In that era, I wished the game could replace any food by cupcakes for each Evolve birthday…but it never happened.


The amount of videos I made on evolve with @GrizzleMarine @monkeybot @deanimate
These were two of my favourites I made.

Playing evolve from alpha to beta to legacy to stage2 has been amazing and I don’t think ill ever experience any other game like that again.


The cupcakes spawned when a hunter was killed in the original Metamorphosis. The term was called “cupcaked” lol.


I do remember, of course. That counted for the wildlife as well.

(that zoom though)


Maybe you do. :man_shrugging:

My favourite Horse Toast video was one that was put up from 2 perspectives; deanimate and then I’m not sure who posted the other one. Probably Grizzle because I’m pretty sure it was from Assaults PoV.

But basically a god dome was thrown and Deanimate stopped playing. I imagine similar things probably happened other times, but I just found it hilarious when I first saw that moment.


Did I forget? Was he on the team aswell? :open_mouth:

was he out monster main?


JT Wrecker was our official monster main, but Neko played with us often and sometimes subbed in for monster during training.


I appreciate it man.