Evolve Tribute Tag


Oh man… Never gonna live Lightning Dick down are we >.>


I’ll never forget the wicked QS trailers we did :’)


@Mecha_Neko I must tag. And as much as I know you are TIRED of seeing this video…is it one of the best memories I have in all of Evolve. Neko was one of my former teammates and I WISH he would return to at least join in the tourney to put his Behemoth to use because…dang dude, you were unstoppable with your strategy. You were also a great medic and upbeat member of the team, patting our backs, and you made a really fun character in the RPG we had together. Miss you dude, I hope you come back to Legacy. I also do hope you forgive my zeal over this video but…come on, it was soooo good!

Multi Orbital Slam!


That’s right, J Party.


Ok, I know I haven’t been tagged, and this isn’t necessary, but since this is a tribute thread: I will say that I love this community. I’m a part of many, and never before have I encountered such a clear, vibrant and friendly forum like this one.

Even though I joined up a little after Stage 2 was announced, I still feel apart of the ‘family’, though I may not be considered that.

I probably wouldn’t still play and support Evolve if it wasn’t for this community that keep me so motivated.

Anyway… I will tag @Dovahkick - though we have not played together on Evolve (honestly I need to play with more of everyone here) - I see we are both active on the wiki, and both of us have steadily been marching towards finishing that damned thing, one edit at a time! I can see we’re both as equally passionate about it as it deserves to be completed and as up-to-date as possible. You’re also a cool, friendly dude. The word ‘passion’ embodies your entire being. There, I said it! :grinning: Sometime we must play together!

Also I will tag @XplosionIncorporated for their help with me getting Legacy as well as my friends. I also find their love for Emet (and additionally, glitter) - comparable to that of a healthy obsession - very funny, in a good way. I will admit to have using some of your tips for Emet as a lurker. x)


I have quite a few tags so here goes…
@Mr_Popo, @Quirkly, @Shin, the untaggable MajorLeeHyper, I suppose a small shoutout to @Mt_Everett@MrTalha, @LaggerCZE.
Idk where I would be without you guys. There were ups and downs. But you became my family for the longest time and for those who stood by me and tolerated me in my darkest time, I can’t thank you enough. You guys rock.


Good memories were created over the last few years. People that found together, grew closer, became couples, married, started a family and so on.

  • Thanks to @deanimate and @Legendary117 - I’ve learned my shit through you
  • @Seedsy for casting and casting with me and failing his intro lines 4 times in a row (10/10 would do again)
  • @GrizzleMarine for making great youtube contend
  • and thanks to @Deadrebirth for dying so many times to wildlife
  • To the devs: sorry for ranting before/after patches (“don’t fuck it up”). Lot of issues that I had never got fixed (out of your control) and sometimes made it even worse. But remember, I complained a lot because I loved it so much!
  • @Shaners sorry for the headaches I gave you a “few” times and thank you for enduring me and the nice dialogs we had. :smiley:
  • @ToiletWraith Chawy might still hate me <3

I bet I’ve missed a lot of people but in the end: We had a lot of fun and I hope we will have it again with the next IP


I don’t have anyone specifically to tag (unless something like @everyone would work), but I’m just saying, this whole thread is wholesome AF :heart:


I’m almost disappointed you didn’t thank me for all the orbitals on your face instead :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, I never really played with anyone but the memory that stuck in my mind the most whenever I thought of evolve was a hatred for having to make my brother something to eat when I think I got into a game with @GrizzleMarine almost two years back. That’s the only memory that stuck with me lmao.

Edit because I realize I have more to say:

Now if we’re talking about the community I’d say some of the most memorable moments for me was when @Takran started the #SaveEvolve stuff, I really enjoyed looking over the stuff as well as those awesome pictures everyone did for them. Also I loved jumping on the hype train for the new hunters and monsters. Anyone remember those little short movies TRS did? I remember those. They even hinted at PaPa in one of them, unless they weren’t expecting to make him until later and that was actually just a joke. I wish I could have played Deepest Dark as well. That mode sounded fun but I never had a good computer. Evolve will be the only game that I have actually be hyped so much for just one addition of a playable character. I’ll miss playing but at least it had a good run before it was shut down. I’ll never forget the good memories that I had with this game and I’ll never forget how much it inspired me. Not to mention I met all of you guys! Truly the best game that came into my life.


I want to tag a couple of old moderator friends that we don’t see much of anymore. @Plaff @SlinkyGuy , and @Alex_Versnel.

Plaff was one of the oldest members of this forum, and he was a solid Kraken player that was rightly feared. He was the head moderator for a very long time, and we think of you often, and miss seeing you around the forum with your creepy Voldemort avatar. I hope you’re doing well and maybe part of another forum helping them moderate as well as you did here.

SlinkyGuy it was sad when you decided to go. You were a really fun guy to chat with and very positive and upbeat, something sometimes very trying to find when moderating other people who step out of line and create awkward situations. You were always able to handle things with seeming ease.

Doctor Alex…I still get to talk and play Evolve with you. Remember the days you created your Evolve field guide? I remember referring to it often myself. Was happy you joined up with the old RPG when I had that goes too…loved your character. I’ve told you so many times you could have gone so far in this game of Evolve…and been one of the top pro players, haha, if only you could squish down your distaste for monster mains. Yeah, sometimes all it takes is one mistake by any hunter and there goes the game, and sometimes a monster just do not miss a single ability…but that’s Evolve Life for you. You are still the best Laz I’ve ever known and could grab a revive between melees like no other. Hope to see you back in Legacy.

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun : Sorry man, I got you mixed up! I know you’re still around here! Still modding the forum with an adorable cuphead Bucket. Sorry about that, I have no excuse.


@Foxtrot94 Great to train with, and play alongside, you’re probably the best Renegade Abe I know, and it will be sad to never see you get to play him again after Sage 2 closes down…and despite my dislike for RAbe, that will be sad for me not seeing you on him. If you need a good assault player, he is your man, and can do the best damage possible. And on Crow as trapper? I think I will forever have nightmares from your Crowings…and hate for your insane and nearly constant Gobi tags. Been missing playing with you the past week during your exams, and miss our chats too. I am glad we got the chance to meet and play Evolve in the first place and thanks for being there during some of the darker times.

@Dovahkick You’re a real stand-up guy. I know you say you have a hot head, and at times your anger has put me off, but I know your heart is in the right place in the end, much like Torvald and his stoic, solid passion. I know you think GG means “Git Good” and that will forever be a thing you fight against, but likewise you are a man of your convictions and that’s a good thing. You aren’t easily swayed by other’s notions or opinions, but be careful not to be too rigid in life, and bend like a blade of grass in the wind sometimes…because not everything is meant as a mark against you, somebody putting you down, or aiming to work your anger up in immature ways. Many people seek to poke the bears, but let it roll off your back. It’s ok to be silly sometimes, like you are with your memes I seriously don’t understand. And what’s the deal with the yogurt? Haha, nevermind, don’t answer that! Also, I really think it’s great how you’re writing an Evolve-themed fan-fiction in English. I like to hear you laugh and have a little bit more fun. :slight_smile: It’s been an honor playing with you, and I know you have my back…except when you’re monster, then all bets are off, heh.

@StIwY you make me so pissed sometimes, and scared at your levels of anger, but with you too I know you generally mean well. You just want to help push players in the right direction to better their play, and think more instead of merely react, and I understand. Stupid mistakes infuriate the best of us, and even though we’ve butted heads…the only reason I get so worked up against you is because I care about you as a person, not just some Evolve guy playing the game. It matters, playing with teammates you can trust. I know you play your best characters always, and seek for the win every time…but sometimes I think this method costs too much, so laugh more, change your name everyday like you crazily do, and have more fun because life is short, and fun is where you make it.

I know I’m not supposed to double-tag somebody but it’s my thread and I can break my own rules…but tagging @ArPharazon again, for helping me the other night, you know why. Thanks for being there and helping me see things in a new light.


Aw wow… miss you TW, I’m very glad to know you.
You’ve been an amazing friend, drawing partner and writing buddy. We may never finish our zombie stories but the story of our friendship is ongoing and special. You rock ^-^
@Shin @Quirkly @GoGoGoliath @CptBoomBoom @IWannaBeATiger @Karuu @Pythios @RCSRex @LaggerCZE @TrickshotMcgee and more. The guidelines limit me a bit. You guys are awesome and I’m glad that Evolve brought us together.


Hell yeah man! I wish we could have played together. I made a mean medic. Would have kept you alive all day.


I mean, everyone at TRS got me into the game.

This trailer blew my mind, and it was even before I knew TRS existed. I was hyped way before I knew it was even the devs of L4D.

Plus I read the article about Matt talking about how much of a struggle it was to get this game off the ground, which opened my mind to the amount of stress behind the scenes that no one really knew about on the surface. They tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, the experiences did matter, to me.

As for my experience along the way, I have to thank, first off all the mods since they are all my favorites, but @TheMountainThatRoars because I believe he helped me get hooked to the forums when I made a horrid post talking about 1 level that I couldn’t beat in Hunters Quest.

@DarKastlez for inviting me to a sudo-competitive team, where we couldn’t agree on the name nor logo, but I liked the High Octane Tyrants, and worked on a logo for it that I never finished.


@SledgePainter @Terry_Locke for being cool teammates and some nice, helpful people on the forums.

@Shaners for sending me a letter from a contest I won, which made me cry.

And once again, all of the devs. Just the thought of them thinking about me, just warms my heart. Because there is too many people to thank, I want to finally thank @SlabOMeat for putting together an awesome dev team, awesome community, and giving me an awesome experience in a golden game that just could not catch a break.

I can’t say it enough. Thank you. Emet means a lot to me, and I wouldn’t have him if it weren’t for Evolve.


Really awkward that 2 of the 3 people that I thought to tag are banned.


Well, tag them anyway, you never know…they still could be lurking around.

@XplosionIncorporated and @DarKastlez … man that brings back all of the old memories. Remember trying to fight against @Mecha_Neko’s Behemoth? Remember the training session with @MaddCow lobbing Kraken balls at us all while we worked to shoot and dodge the lightning? We slowly got better at fighting our monster JTWrecker in the classic tourney Stage 3 spots. Man, we should play again soon. I haven’t seen Terry around in a long loooong time and I don’t know if he’s left Evolve for good since those days, but I’ve thought about the old team a lot in recent days. I remember HOT and liked the badge. :slight_smile:


I think we’ve got 100 years or so before they’re allowed back on the forums, but sure :joy:

@Shunty is definitely the person on the forums I interacted with outside of @SupportMeSunny whom I know in real life. Had a ton of fun across many games, from her hard carries in Siege to her rage quits in Overwatch.

And @10shredder00, who I remember most from the time of Jack’s release. We were always tagging each other in the various Jack balance posts that emerged over the weeks surrounding his release. Outside of that, we didn’t talk an awful lot, but when we did it was always very friendly and warming and despite the trouble he may have caused others, I don’t remember a single I’ll intentioned word between us.


I miss Shunty and Shredder too. :slight_smile: I don’t know SupportMeSunny but wish I did…good to find other female players.


Uh. Might be a miscommunication there :sweat_smile: the “her” was in reference to Shunty. SupportMeSunny is most definitely male.