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There was actually a more sinister truth to the Galactoid threads on this forum.

I’ve been writing similar threads on many other forums, with the exact same content, but they were dismissed either as trolling or irrational, and in a few cases, I was banned temporarily from some forums because they were not accepted there, and in many instances, were viewed with hostility.

But over here, and a few other forums, it is a different matter.


Brilliance cannot always be understood by those that witness it


That or we’re more willing to put up with silly nonsense. :wink::yum:



Precisely my point.


@Shika Has been a massive influence on my life and it’s been a colossal pleasure working with her in these past years. She continues to evolve in her work and impresses me with each image she sends to me, she shows me that crazy ideas aren’t so crazy after all


I wish I could tag Peirs Price, but he is no longer with us. Peirs was one of the first players of Evolve, and renowned for his instantly good monster skills. He would set up challenges for himself like killing hunters without using abilities, or not evolving, or…you know, going for his own secret challenges. He made many rage, I am sure.

He joined up on @MaddCow’s team “Pushing Daisys” during Pax East and helped bring them the victory. As a hunter player he was all about the team effort, and a loss was just a round over, an experience to learn, but never any anger or salt to the monster. He was one of the most laid back players I have ever met, to be honest, and always had a kind thing to say, like a salve on a wound. He enjoyed playing as a team and didn’t want to wipe his friends…unless they were a masochist like me and asked for him to play on monster.

I wasn’t very close to Peirs, though I wish I had been…even more so nowadays. Everything we discussed was only about Evolve, game strategy, and monstering. He was a good guy, even though we had to moderate him a little bit on the forum, heh. If he had issues in the real world, I wish he would have sought refuge in any of his friends here, or teammates. I wish things could have ended differently. And I’m left feeling like an opportunity was direfully missed where something could have been done to change things. Sometimes when you leave others behind you don’t know what effect you really had on their lives, and how much they would have wanted to help you, if only given the chance.

I think about Peirs often, and hope that if any forum member has any real world problems, that they would reach out to the family they have here on the forum…even strangers behind a screen can be every bit as helpful or more-so than those around you in real life. We are all strangers, yet sometimes it’s easier to talk to strangers in the darkest of hours. I want everyone to know I will always be here to listen no matter who they are or what they have to tell me, even if I’ve never spoken to you before.

Peirs, you are greatly missed, even by some people you probably didn’t know would miss you as much as they do…even complete strangers. We can’t change the past, but we learn from it. I hope you are in a better place now.


I don’t really want to tag people since I don’t think I could contain it into just the limited amount of tags we’re allowed! BUT I do love this community, and all its passion and inspiring people pushed me over the edge and made me finally want to pursue a career in the game industry. I had thought about it in the past while working in animation, but when Evolve came out and I joined these forums I decided games was where I needed to be. So thank you all!

I also forgot about this video edit I made back before I started working at TRS, until Mountain commented on it yesterday lol

I had started another right before Stage 2 was released, but never finished it. I hope I can find some time soon before September to finalize it. Here’s a sneak peak though

(watching this again though… I can see some timing is off lol)

Here’s a couple vids I also did back then; one is a promo for an Evolve tournament and the other is a trailer for Wimpy Wednesdays (which I miss :’(



R.I.P Wimpy Wednesday :sob:


Yes, now Cory works at Psyonix Studios and Anna works for Colville at MCDM Productions


I didn’t realise she’d moved over to MCDM full time, though it’s a fantastic opportunity that she’s been pretty vital in creating!


Most Memorable time would be when I asked the community to help me learn keyboard and mouse and apply new ways of playing. That was a fun series I did that I really enjoyed the feedback and interaction…

I need to give a shout to the music Evolve Rap video… I used this to amp myself for fights.


I never really played with the people here on the forums, although I always wished that I had. I think this is one of the only communities I’ve ever really felt at home in. I remember the constant barrage of OP/UP threads after a new character release, and the pre-launch speculations about optimal hunter compositions. I remember my short-lived streaming streak and the great people I played with as a result of it (although I don’t remember their names). Also shout-out to @Galactoid for always giving me a laugh even on bad days.

:heart: you guys


I also want to tag @ScornfulEpex for helping get me back into Legacy. He’s been trying for a long time and is responsible for helping bring many others back into the original version. No doubt when Stage 2 closes, he’ll be there to collect even more players. He’s gone so far as to point out where folks can still go get founder keys for the game! While I haven’t fought much with or against him, and this will be changing, I was always able to talk to him about monstering, getting his wisdoms, and picking his brain. Also, he was helpful in managing the Steam forum by being sure to make me aware of some rabble rousing now and again, before it got too out of hand.


Are we, by any chance, part of one of your grand experiments to see how certain forums (and their communities) would react to the same posts before finally making a conclusion in a scientific thesis about gaming communities at large?

Hmmm, if so, well played.


Man, watching that Quickshot video reminds me about a certain part that I always loved about Evolve, the tournaments.

And not just the tourneys, oh no. What made it special were the casters. So, huge shout out to @Seedsy and @SuperBadJuJu. You guys were such amazing casters that made watching the tourneys just that much more enjoyable.


Don’t forget Black Aegis and Stealth Shampoo :smiley:


Now were talkin’ :heart_eyes:


@DarKastlez aww thanks buddy! Players make it all happen :slight_smile:

There were a tonne of people that put in effort for those tournaments, from participating… To helping calibrate my MADNESS of rulesets… Video editing… @GrizzleMarine & @skills4u2envy cough TO all sorts of behind the scenes things…

I can’t possibly tag them all.

I will say thankyou to the PS4, and Xbox One communities for helping out aswell. Ps4 people even bribed me XD

There are tonnes of active people already tagged, but i’ll tag three people whom i have fond (non-competitive scene) memories of.
@Aramet - Your Joy, compassion and spirit,
@ToiletWraith - Lightning Dick + Pink Hyde…
@Wednesday13 - Your stream is BAE

@TRS - You made this, you know We love you :slight_smile:


How could I forget :man_facepalming: Brings all kind of memories.