Evolve Tribute Tag


I wanted to begin this thread as a game, a sharing of all of the good game memories and friendships we’ve built over the years. Everyone that comments has to tag another member of the forum, who will likewise have to post a response, their fond memories, and tag another. You don’t have to wait until you’re tagged to join this thread but try to limit your tags to one or two members at a time. Also, no tag-backs, so you can’t tag somebody that just tagged you. You can, however, re-tag somebody who has already been tagged by someone else.


I have many that I want to tag, but I will begin with @MaddCow, my fellow moderator (ahem, Mooderator). You were not just there as the calm, cool-headed mod, but also was one of my first Old Guard sidekicks in-game. Remember the first few dropship drops? Remember early access? Remember winking to each other while reading the forum as people speculated on the next hunter/monster/update and got VERY close to the truth but were unable to confirm nor deny (even though we already knew the truth)? You served as my monster inspiration, and I was honored to have you mentoring me for tournies with my former team. You were instrumental in developing game strategies and theory, tracking the numbers, and streaming information out to the public to help bring more people into the game. You hosted 24 hour jams and had prize pools as well, always the finest of content, and a helpful teacher to the newbs.

Beyond this, I feel we formed a close friendship outside of the game. I can talk to you about some things I can talk about with few others, and I’m glad we could be there during some of the harder forum times. I look forward to your new venture and hope it will be met with success for you and your family. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of starting their own company that focuses on helping honest game developers strengthen their work.

One of the best times I think we had was when trying to break the game in Deepest Dark, by forcing all of the Gorgons to spawn. Every new update was exciting, and we eagerly ran off to explore the new maps and content in customs.

Also, your monster game was never sub-par, and you were one of the scariest Wraith’s I’ve ever played against. I remember one match where I was literally looking everywhere around me, expecting your abduct…and somehow you STILL got the drop on me. I never knew when you were going to re-engage or how.

Also, you put this video together, and I listen to it every time I drive thinking of Evolve:


Awww thanks :slight_smile: Right back at you for a number of those things. Lets see. A lot of my fellow regulars have moved on. Peirs Price, Stealth Shampoo, Black Aegis, Superbad Juju, Insane, Plaff and so forth. I also miss the Community Managers who have moved on as well as the Devs who aren’t around as often these days. Also note don’t forget about Jparty :slight_smile: I would love get get MacMan or Phil Robb in here as the ones I would like to ping. Phil was there to cut my ponytail at Pax East and Macman was there at the Gorgon Unveiling where I was nagging him for all sorts of questions but I feel that they’re pretty busy these days.

I think I would like to specifically mention @TheMountainThatRoars. Hes been a solid mod and a good compatriot over there years. Like a mountain he has been firm and steadfast in what he does here. Who can forget his no fun allowed here memes :smiley: Overall the moderators and leaders have done a fine job throughout the years and it was always a blast to discuss things with them. Many of you might not see/hear a lot of what the Mods and Leaders say as we have our own channel, but I feel like they are some of my closest friends associated with this game. While the discussion of the forums was what brought us together, we often discuss things of a more personal nature and banter and have fun.

All in all this community has always been wonderful and I loved doing my Coaching with Cow segments as well as hearing the passion for the game from so many people. The wonderful thing about life is that things always change. Its one of the few constants. However, the Evolve family has still stuck through with each other despite all the things that can happen. Even though my primary duties have lessened, I always visit this site every day and love still seeing the activity among everyone.


Seconded Maddie, for sure.

I also want to tag @Takran. We’ve played the game together sadly very little, but in the moderator sub-section I feel all of us mods were thick as thieves. But Takran, appointed mod along with me, I would like to give a special commendation to for a particular event we must refrain from sharing…although he will know the one. Takran, you have gone above and beyond the forum to reach out and help others on a deeply personal level when life and death we believed to be on the line. Only the best of the best would go out on a limb so far as you have done. While we know the results of this event turned around like a scorpion sting upon you, your actions were genuine and from the heart, and it didn’t go unnoticed. I will always remember that as a learning experience of the dangers that unseen people can be behind their screens, but also that there are many more good people behind screens than bad. You’re a true service to the community and unafraid to go the distance.

I miss the moderator Skype calls we used to have guys.


I’m honestly honored to have made the cut! The Moderation Team is truly a tight knit group, it helps to have people to lean on and share things with. :heart:️:blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart::black_heart:

I’m going to call out two non-mod people @TrickshotMcgee and @skills4u2envy.

TrickshotMcgee is truly an amazing person and one that I would be honored to call friend. I honestly can’t say we have ever even played Evolve together, but I’ve enjoyed our forum interactions!

Skills, well skills is my all around favorite person according to the forum as I’m her most replied to, most liked, and most liked by. I couldn’t be happier or more envious that she now works for TRS! She literally has skills for you to envy.

TRS shout-outs: @mizx @ArPharazon @snowkissed you guys are practically family! :family_man_man_boy: :heartbeat::two_hearts::sparkling_heart::heartpulse:


There are some forumites that people love to hate, and I’d be amiss to leave this particular one out. I can’t believe I’ve only gamed with him recently, as he’s been around since Legacy days. Of course I’ve known him from the forum since he joined, and modding him as well, heh, when the need arose. In games he is often salty to a fault, and speaks out of turn, a bit too much against his foes and his team. Yet, this particular member I reached out to about a personal issue I’d been having in one of my weaker moments…and true to his nature he let the salt rain. And somehow, stupid as it may be, this helped.

Tagging @Terepin. Who doesn’t like the bad guy now and then, especially when you get to know the human behind the avatar? It can be an easy thing, to dismiss someone that throws up a wall of bitter salt, but sometimes you can get a glimpse of something else if you hang around long enough, and this was Terepin…a salty crunchy pretzel with a warm gooey inside.

If I’ve learned anything as a moderator, it’s that people are not always what they seem to be, both in good ways and bad, and despite Terepin probably not liking my saying so (because he has a reputation to uphold!), he’s one of the good guys, don’t let his hard exterior fool you. He shockingly helped me change some really important things about my life and gave me a gift I will cherish, and never be able to repay.

I think some of the best moments in game always involve being yelled at for not sticking to Emet’s buoys like glue. I think the Emet character, to this day, is a bit too much, and caused him to merge a little too much with that character’s personality…but true to Emet, has a soft side as well as a demon core. He has helped bring out the best hunter in me and forces me to try to be on point, mostly like beating a racehorse…but still, can’t argue with results.


One of my best moments in the game came from its community… After several debates and letting the dust settle @Rapterror became in my book the lore expert. Rapterror hated my abbreviations of his name but continued the conversation none the less. So thanks for putting up with me ^.^

Overall though, this is by far one of my favorite games ever created and it will forever sit comfortably in my top 3 never to moved off its pedestal.

Monster Rule, Hunters drool.

hah, after all these years I remembered my original handle on these forums, I used my Pokémon trainer handle back then I am currently on 3rd version lol

But all in all what really drives me with evolve and TRS is its community… we have a lot of odd, good bad and just plain ugly conversations sometimes but in the end we always come back together. and that’s a family.


I’ll have to tag the Horse Toast Squad
@deanimate Bad Goliath & Cat Meower
@Poncha Just a random skid
@monkeybot Crap support
and Pheonix who doesn’t have a account.

We only got to know eachother towards the end of Legacy and begining of stage 2 but had so many banterous moments shared through some very dark humour. Most of my favourites are captured in these 3 videos:

To be honest my whole channel is a memory bank for Evolve from before release to the death. Quite satisfying in some ways to see how my content and the game evolved. (Pun not intended)


Plenty of memories when @SupportMeSunny was learning the game. From abusing his lack of Medic prioritisation to Rez half of the team to us chilling at Relay while Rambo Maggie chased down a S3 to her inevitable death and all of the Arena clutches in between.

I also really loved the Period from Lennox’s release to the end of T5. All the teasers were amazing, the reveal trailers were great and it bred 2 of my favourite video game characters to date. Took a break from Evolve and saw that Lennox was released when I came back, and the 4 others were still silhouettes. I impulsively bought the DLC (which I normally don’t do) and regretted nothing. Lennox was meh, Jack and Emet were fucking amazing, Kala was badass, and Gorgon is one of the most chilling video game monsters I’ve ever seen.

And I doubt this tag will ever be received, I always loved the Community threads that @Shaners made. I loved that she always addressed them to newer members, but regulars and leaders alike joined in, and she accepted us all equally.


My soft core is sobs like a little bitch! Thank you so much for this kind words!


I’d be a fool to ignore the summons of a talking mountain. (You’re the best, man.)

Two of my favorite Evolve memories:

That thread (or threads) where we were all theorycrafting about the nature of the monsters, their abilities and intent, combing through and rearranging every little bit of @Matthew’s lore we could find. Especially when @Takran got involved and brought in the science and nerd-joy (the best kind of joy).

Then there was the day of the update when we slipped in Meteor Goliath as a total surprise. People were freaking out in the best way. It was simply one perfect moment.

I’d like to call a couple of people with whom I haven’t talked much, or at all, but without whom the forums wouldn’t be the same.

@Galactoid! I think a lot of people were never able to wrap their heads around your essays of enlightenment, but you never let that stop you. You kept doing what you do. I was always glad to see one of your topics pop up.

And @Shika! I never would have thought someone could take our hideous monsters and turn them into little packages of distilled happiness, but there you go.

psst… your art rocks too, Sledge


I loved to work with the devs, especially you @ArPharazon. I hope I wasn’t too annoying for you, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the new title in terms of the security walls put in.


I have to tag a couple others…actually many others, heh, but this one goes out to @The_Specialist and @GoGoGoliath. I’m not exactly sure how we three ended up in games together but we hunted together the most out of anyone I’ve had the pleasure to game with. I’m glad we got to have so many great hunts but also happy for all of the outside-of-game chats we could have on a deeper level together.

Specialist, you’re like the teenage son I wish I had, and I mean that in a good way. I wish I could annihilate you in a Nerf gun fight in real life. You take every game in stride, and enjoy just playing and having a good time, not letting much get you down…not always the easiest thing in a frustrating game like Evolve. It’s a great trait to have. And make no mistake, you were a good player as well.

GoGo, you’re one of the best monsters out there, and easily my favorite Behemoth. It always annoyed me when you considered it a loss to lose two full bars of health by the end of the match! Boi! You made us rage! You made a great Assault player too, and I loved hearing you on Lennox cruelly laughing. Your photo doesn’t match your voice, hahaha. I wish I could hear you sing some Sinatra or Opera sometime, because I think you could go very far in the music business with a voice like yours, so keep pursuing that. I’m happy you’ve confided in me things, and I’ve missed you often while playing Evolve because I know how much you got into the game, enjoying pounding the monsters as much as you enjoying wrecking the hunters.

This game would not have been the same for me without you two.




I’ve missed our times playing Evolve together, too. You are a great friend and I will do my best to stay in touch.


@Foxtrot94 You’re mighty fine to play with, I always end up laughing when playing with you and although we didn’t play all until 2 years after Evolve’s death, I learned that it could still be enjoyed

P.S. RenegAbe is ass


Awww, you’re so ki…



I love you guys!


You guys are too sweet! It’s been one crazy ride…I can’t believe it has been 4 years already. There almost are too many good memories for one post. I start to think about it too hard and I get all nostalgic and overwhelmed.

Our community has changed so much and grown beyond what I ever would have imagined. You are all amazing people. Thank you for being the awesome people you are!

As for shout-outs, I gotta give an extra thank you to all the @leaders and @moderators we’ve had from the beginning and now. You guys feel like family at this point. I’m honored to have gone on this adventure with you all, and I look forward to whatever adventures are to come next! (Also, I miss our skype meetings. we gotta do that again one day, just to chat).

As for devs, @ArPharazon , nerding out with you was always one of my favorite kind of conversations. Your passion for weird science and space always egged me on, and you pointed me toward some amazing reading! Also, @Matthew - you totally changed my perception on storytelling. I’ve grown completely addicted to your writing, and you’ve inspired me to try my hand at DMing and Evolve campaign… I hope I can do it justice! And obviously it goes without saying, thank you to @MacMan and @SlabOMeat for being so present and active in sharing your journey in making evolve and working together to make TRS the awesome group it is today! Also, @skills4u2envy and @mizx , you both rule. That’s just a fact.

Also, @Shika, doing these art projects with you has been the absolute coolest! Thank you for doing so much cool stuff with us! You rule! And I too have to call out @Galactoid - stumbling into your threads in a dazed middle-of-the-night-graduate-school-existential-crisis™ is an experience unlike any other. Thank you for being the cryptid the forums deserve.

God there are so many people I want to call out and say how awesome they are, but I feel like this post will already blow up so many mailboxes. I guess I will just wrap up and say that tag or no tag, you are all amazing! I appreciate you all. Thanks for making this place somewhere special.


RenegAbe is pretty decent from what I’ve played. Definitely not the best damage dealer in the class but he’s good for keeping the monster on it’s toes.

Val/Lazarus + Kala/Cabot + Electro Griffin/Crow + Renegade Abe = a bad time for most monsters


Of course she is the best artist, everyone in the forum loves her because she does a lot for us, I mean as an artist. She is a shy girl and always worry if she’s gonna be bashed by the community for being late at her draws, but she shouldn’t worry that much because everyone loves her and trust her.
Yet, we sometimes are a bit unpatient for her work, but the end result is never disappointing.

All in all, he is the best artist of the community I have met, the entire forum loves her and that’s what matters.