Evolve trading cards



Will there ever be evolve trading cards, profile backgrounds?

Something like this:

I think it would be pretty cool and would reward players who play the game a lot
with cool profile backgrounds!


There were for Legacy Evolve, and snowkissed told me new ones were on her list of things to do.



This is probably the original one looks similar to my version. :open_mouth:


Free games don’t have trading cards unless the game has Micro Transactions with Steam Wallet support.


I currently have a Monster background on my profile


Yeah I found out that there are trading cards, background in the market.
Looks really good!


Same for me :sunglasses:


There are Evolve backgrounds for every class- Monster, Medic, Support, Trapper and Assault.

They all have the Tier 1 character on the left and the Tier 2 character on the right with the symbol in the middle.


and here i thought this was like actual physical playing/trading cards… well id prefer the physical version tbh


That would be cool… evolve board game.


theyre doing it for dark souls (the board game) so while it would be tough, definitely something that could be possible, like an outside factor/person/group or whatever