Evolve tournies and such


I hear on these forums all the time about tournies and professional level play. There’s gotta be videos of this stuff. I’d very much be interested in watching some of the high level stuff. I’ve watched a twitch feed once, but only after it made it’s way to YouTube. And it was great. Anybody know a scheduled time/place to watch evolve good evolve streams? I’d love to pick up some tips


Hey man, check out twitch on Sundays and some one is bound to be streaming the weekly ESL tournaments. I know Shawn Smiles streams his games and he is from EvolveHype one of the best teams out there right now. Hope this helps :smile:


Thanks a ton. I’m pretty new to twitch, how would I find his stream?


I am one of the best goliath players in the competitive scene, you can watch some of my past broadcasts if you want as well as I stream regularly. twitch.tv/heidnu

Nobody is professional yet because that would implied they are getting paid.


Thanks a lot! I’ll definitely be checking your stuff out


Just go to EvolveGame on Sundays and look for anything titled with ‘ESL’. But Shawn Smiles twitch account specifically is FearTheSmile if you want to search for him.


Every Thursday and Saturday, @MaddCow does great coaching/observation mode games where he watches games and talks about what went right/wrong/etc. It’s a great review section. And he has some really skilled people that he highlights too :smile:

As for the “pro” games themselves… might not be as exciting as you think. They only play already complained about “OP” characters (They claim the rest aren’t viable), and are really only “pro” because they signed up for tournaments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are some really good ones out there… But You’ll find it’s a lot of the same tactics, the same hunters, vs. the same monsters… A LOT.

So if you want to see a lot of the same, go for it. If you want to see a lot of different interesting ways to play, watch twitch :smile:


People are getting paid for winning ESL tourney’s on the weekend.

EDIT - Shawn Smiles is the best monster on Xbox. Definitely check him out (on twitch, his name is fearthesmile)


Thanks for all the info guys! I’m definitely going to be spending some time on twitch now. It’s good to know that the esl happens sunday


is there really any way to argue who is the best monster?


The “high level play” is really just the CCMM comp vs. Kraken over and over again, and a bunch of teams trying to exploit poorly written and arbitrated ESL rules to win by forfeit. Kinda disappointing how bad ESL hosting is tbh.


Every Sunday, the ESL holds its Go4Evolve cup. This gets casted every time by black_aegis and co-casters (even db_sinclair is in there sometimes !!) on his twitch: www.twitch.tv/Black_Aegis

They also cast EvolveHype League games on there (or on their own twitch: www.twitch.tv/evolvehypetv )

Some vod’s from previous tourneys/games:

This vod contains 2 rounds of games (of each 6 games, 3 of each side) from the EHL (Evolve Hype League).
One round of Wolves vs. Salge. Followed by a round of my team Eyes on U vs. Team EvolveHype.
And this was one of the last Go4Evolve ESL cups:

I highly recommend you follow Black_Aegis his channel (and/or his Twitter account too) to stay updated about upcoming league/tournament games and when he is/goes online!
Have fun!