Evolve Tournament for Forum Members


Hey guys, I talked to a few people and everyone thinks it will be a great idea to have a Tournament for us Forum Members! So if you have a PS4 and want to be a part of this drop your PSN name down below and I’ll shoot you a friend request. We may or may not be getting prizes to give out from TRS, as well as the developers might join us for the fun or to give us pointers! (If I get any conformation on this I will edit this post about it)

So far the tournament date is TBA and will be after the release on October 21st (Unless we get the Beta too :disappointed:) Teams will also be decided at a later date once we get enough people to even host this thing.


that moment you forget ur username…i think its AkumasxRage11. i gotta check XD


Nazra360! I already decided my team! Me, @MacMan, @SlabOMeat, @Matthew and finally @Plaff. It’s OP but were definitely gonna win!


wtffff lol. Ill take @brandini @Bambe < best laz NA as of right now @FrontlinerDelta. idk why u picked 5 lol im gonna be the monster and griffin :slight_smile:


If it’s gonna be like at E3 then you need four players and a captain. And I’ve already claimed @Brandini :stuck_out_tongue:


@brandini noooo how could you!


Ok so 2 devs, me and the captains of all captains, the men who found the company, Chris and Phil! Lol i don’t think you can beat that.


Woooooah hold on there! I’m pretty sure I will have to make @MacMan, @SlabOMeat, @Plaff, @Gamer_Goat, @Brandini, myself, and you @Goldendude3 captains (We need one more for an 8 team tournament though, maybe @SlinkyGuy? if he plans on going with PS4) . We can all recruit one developer, and the rest of the team must be forum members. But @MacMan and @SlabOMeat count as the developers on their own team of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. I call @DamJess for my team, since she is clearly awesome! :smile:


Guys, don’t lose focus here! Post your PSN names so I can keep track of who is who!


There’s honestly no point planning it now dude! Just wait until after release, there’s probably still gonna be more people to join the forums so we can always finalise team decisions then :slight_smile:


ALOT more people. you saw the storm at e3. who knows how many will flock in. anyways my names in there. hopefully we can get this going and ready to go close to launch time!


Man I spend way too much time on these forums, I spent 30 mins making up random teams! But it is summer and I have nothing else to do soooooooooo…Imma keep doing it!


But… But… http://evolve.challonge.com/PS4 :open_mouth: This bracket suddenly came out of no where :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol what! @Nightmare did you make that?!


I third that notion :grin:


Oooooh, I’m sorry, dude! I’m getting the game for the Xbone! But hey it’d be great if we could get one going for that console too! :smile:


Ya, like I said on one of the threads, I have experience setting up tournaments. Challonge is probably the easiest site I know of, you just sign up, make a team, and join the tournament. However if TRS backed me(maybe @DamJess could mention something? :wink:) with some resources and a web designer I could make something much much greater… Specifically for Evolve, but I have a feeling that might take a while to get anything put in motion :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ya, I will be making a bracket and thread for Xbone too, but I just need someone that can overlook it all and make sure it goes smoothly, as I cant be on Xbone myself :disappointed: If only I could have every console…


We still have about 4 months until the game releases so maybe we should wait until then?