Evolve Tornament XboxOne


Hi I’m 23’from the UK and loving Evolve right now . I would really like to start a small tournament . I need as many players as possible to take part if u could leave your gamer tag n role if it b monster or hunter if u have full team already let it b known if u do not have full hunting team still post and try and get together with others . Need a good respond for this to work so don’t shy n lets play some competitive Evolve :wink: or message me at my xb1 GT i GnM x Teleban


I would love to do this! I have a team, but I’ll have to talk to them. Add me GT: Kawaii Dumpling


Great . Today I just want to c if we can get enough people together hopefully we do n I can sort it all out for tmra or tonight if response is quick enough