Evolve to never end!?!?!?!?!?!?


Who agrees evolve should never end it or bring a new game out? it should just continue to have unlimited expansions and DLC and also like the game title evolve, i mean i would love to see more monsters, more hunters and maps but what i really want right now is better matchmaking like vote on different maps and maybe different outcome on maps or something, have a 2 vote window like forza, challenges for buffs or help to find them atleast, more game modes - based around hunting, better access to game modes, maybe the abilty to make our own skins? and it costs money to do it but its fair you get to put your style into a big loveable ugly monster haha, what you all think?

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I agree this type of game doesnt need another addition to the franchise. Plus if it cost 40$ for hunters and a monster, its like their releasing another game anyways lol.


Yeah, I think that this business model is probably going to be the best for the game. What I mean is just expanding the amount of content through skins, monsters, hunters, maps, etc. as opposed to creating a whole new sequel for a while. Unless they need to do a major overhaul on the structure of the game play, I could see this working for the long term.

This is also good because the price of the base game will get cheaper as time goes on. Hopefully making it so that more people will decide to give the game a try and purchase it. I really want this game to do well so I’m hoping that these updates will continue for a long time :smile:


It will need a new title if it goes to the next next gen systems years from now :wink: lol sarcasm


May have a tough time with that. Unless they evolve the storyline. There’s only so much you can pack into 5 days.


I agree that Evolve shouldn’t get any direct sequels, but I would be totally down with spin-off games that dive into the universe created by this game.


The spin-off stuff would be cool. It could be interesting if they did one that revealed what happened on Factor.

I mean in actuality, as long as they don’t change anything with the gameplay, they could just introduce a new evac mode with different cutscenes, maps, and perks. That would probably actually cover any other story justifications they need if they want to expand the character line up and extend it past the 5 days. . .

Then we could just mix and match all the new stuff in multiplayer and good times would be had :smiley:


I want Left 4 Dead Evolved… I want to flee through an alien and inhospitable world filled with sciency-futurist ruins while native monsters of different kinds wander about, or perhaps wait in pouncing…

They could use this one engine I know… I think it’s called… Left 4 Dead…
They can reskin the following units:
Zombies into reavers, mammoth birds, and marsh striders.
Hunters can be reskinned into Blitz Leopards
Boomers can be made into Steamadons
Smokers into… Megamouths? Give them the tongue ability like a giant frog :stuck_out_tongue:
And of course… the tank… should be a Goliath ^^

It can be a 5 day (map/story) campaign, going from the outskirts of civilization through the thick of the abandonned colony as the last survivors to try to make it to the drop ship!


I think if it’s popular it will probably get a sequel for the next gen consoles


You have a lot of competition, ESPECIALLY here. I made an account here last November, but I’ve stalked since Feb. And a bunch of us waited for Evolve since it was announced.

That’s a bold claim. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m calling it right now. This game is dead.

They will put out the 5th monster (it will be broken) and the 2 hunters (also broken) that they are obligated to do with the PC cash grab, I mean master race but that will be it.


This may be too sequel-y, but what if there were different “chapters” of the story players could explore.

Evacuation would be chapter 1, evacuating colonists off Shear.

Perhaps chapter 2 could involve challenges of surviving on Shear leading to finding an killing a Queen Monster, with some army support. Someone had a well fleshed out version of this, but I’m not sure what the title was.

At some point a chapter 3 could be about stopping Monster attacks on other planets, and discovering their origin.

Just some thoughts.


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i’m hoping for other windows into the evolve universe as well as never-ending dlc. tv show anybody? books? graphic novels? movies? please make this a thing.


I wanted a comic book, but matthew is overworked writing hunter-banter for us to enjoy, and doesn’t have enough time to dedicate to an amazing evolving story at the moment :frowning:


Yes, the universe they created is absolutely stunning. Shame we won’t get to explore most of it.