Evolve Tips


I played Hyde today and he’s really fun.


I love melting the monsters up it’s hilarious how fast you kill them


I played Goliath today on Arena and I’m really bad at him. Can anyone help?


I mean I did damage with my abilities and I incapped some hunters, but I’m trash at killing them.


focus on one hunter and then keep the others away from them when they’re bleeding out


How should I do that. Every time literally all the hunters swarm me so I can’t target one of them. When I do, the other three just open fire on me and kill me. I manage to down their support sometimes, but then the healer just revives him anyway and it’s all down the drain for me.


Take down the medic and then the support, just tank the damage and move around a lot.


How though, they just spot me in like a second.


You shouldn’t worry about be overwhelmed - if they swarm you and are sticking together, make use of some AoE abilities to spread damage. This can be useful even if you’re trying to target a single player as the medic then has to decide who needs healing the most, and you might have the opportunity to suddenly swap targets and burst down the unsuspecting foe! Might download Evolve tonight so I can remind myself of the nuances of the game.


This works with all Monsters, but it’s best with Meteor Goliath and Gorgon as they have multiple ways of inflicting DOT.

Don’t leave the incapped Hunter alone. Hit him/her with one or two attacks and then attack the others. When the Medic stops healing, then focus on the downed Hunter. Stay on the move. Again, if the Medic is Lazarus, kill him first. He can bring Hunters back from the dead and remove their strikes. Try to use DOT abilities on him a lot so you can see him when he cloaks (a cloaked Hunter that’s been hit with a DOT attack will look like walking fire or acid).

Depending on the Support, this can make your game harder. A decent Hank or Sunny will keep shielding for as long as they can, protecting the Medic while the Assault and Trapper attack you.


True. Really makes hunters (especially me) panic when your health is just ticking down bit by bit.

There goes all concept of jetpack management, just get the hell away from that acid pool :joy::joy:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


I know a guy who’s pretty good with the game. He can provide good tips and information about the game. Here is his info https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtxw1pY3Oxn5_hZpCJbktAA/featured?disable_polymer=1


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