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Harpoon traps are the same, maximum of three. That’s for like everything; markov’s mines, Rogue Val’s poison rifle…


How can you check your own stats? I want to know how good I am. Is 10000 damage a game as Maggie good?


Ah, okay! That’ll be the same for all deployables (which includes Buckets Sentry Guns/Emets Healing Buoys). Rogue Val’s poison rifle is just coincidence :slight_smile:

I think as far back as pre-release you could see everyone’s damage stats, but that can cause people to get angry at each other so that didn’t make it into the released version. As well as this, there’s no consistent way of knowing “x damage is good damage” because every monster has different health pools so different amounts of damage that you CAN do.

As well, killing a monster early on means you’ll have done little damage, but obviously you did a great job because you killed it, so don’t use damage as a massive indicator of performance.

Am not sure which of your personal stats you can track, but 10k damage for Maggie sounds like a pretty high amount. Again, depends on the monster, and how long the map was etc. If you want to/are able to, feel free to upload a video of you playing for critique, and you might get some good feedback :slight_smile:


Ok thank you a ton! :wink:


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For the Monsters, I’d recommend starting out with the Goliaths. Both the original Goliath and Meteor Goliath are easy to pick up and do well with. You should focus your attacks on one Hunter, down them, and then either fight off the other Hunters while guarding the downed Hunter or quickly kill him/her. The order I would suggest, since I read that you are on console, is Support/Medic (Defensive supports like the Hanks and Sunny need to go first, Kala also needs to die quickly because of her armor reducer and teleport pads. Cabot is also very dangerous due to his damage amplifier. Bucket is not that big of a threat because his deployables can easily be destroyed with your fire breath. If the Support you’re facing is not Hank, Sunny, or Kala, then go after the Medic. If Lazarus is the Medic, then he NEEDS to die first, even if the Support is a defensive one, otherwise he will bring Hunters back from the dead. You can’t camp the body either because the Lazarus Glove charges so fast on consoles that it’s possible to pull off a revive between melee attacks. If the Support is Cabot and the Medic is not Laz, then you can choose who dies first) and Assault/Trapper (You can choose. If the Assault or Trapper tries to get in close when you’re killing the Support or Medic, then you can use one or two abilities to scare them away. If that fails, then down them too. You’ll just have to protect two Hunters until they bleed out).

With Meteor Goliath, you can spread your damage out because of his DOT effect on his abilities. The purpose of that is to overwhelm the Medic and/or Support. They won’t be able to protect a Hunter for long because your DOTs are eating away at their allies’ health. Attack the Hunters that they aren’t protecting. Sooner or later, all four Hunters will be on low health, meaning you can quickly down them all and win the game. At that stage, kill them in the order I listed above.


Ok thank you. I tried playin Goliath and I cant hunt tho, I got killed in like a second after all I wanted was some food.


Spam smell so you can find the fastest way to get to prey but don’t stay in the same place trying to farm for too long or the hunters will find you way too fast.


Oh I see I guess I was to slow moving then


For me what gave me the best insights to learning a character was actually facing them. Learn what gave me a lot of trouble as a monster, for example, and try to understand why it is and how to replicate. Same as for the reverse. When getting relentlessly pounded by a monster try understanding how he was able to stick on me so much


Trapper is, in my opinion, the hardest and most important role on the console-version of Evolve (also referred to as ‘Legacy Evolve’). A good trapper will win you the game more often than a good medic/support/assault. Positioning is SO important in this game, as I’m sure you’re starting to learn.
I’ll give you a few pointers:

Before finding the monster

At the very beginning of the game, the whole team must try to track the monster (if there are footsteps, get an idea of the direction the monster is heading to). The different trappers have a tool which will help with tracking (follow daisy and she will show you where the monster went, even when sneaking).

Once you’ve found the direction that the monster has gone, open your map and look for possible routes it’s likely to have taken. top tip: Most monsters will run to the edge of the map and then will be forced to go left or right. Send the rest of your team into the bush to find the monster, whilst you sit in a central (elevated) position, saving jetpack and waiting for your prey. If your team aren’t braindead and the monster hasn’t been sneaking the whole way, they will find the monster. Now the trapper comes into their own:

Catching The Monster

Allow your teammates (especially your assault, who should be ‘playing the bloodhound’) to corral the monster, calling out and pinging it’s location as they go. As it becomes clear that the monster is fleeing in a certain direction, you must then haul ass in order to head-off the beast and throw that dome.

Congratulations! You have caught the monster! However…is it a ‘good dome’?

As you learn the game better, you will start to learn which areas work well are advantageous for a ‘good dome’. This will be an area which has:

  • Elevation for your squishy medic/support
  • Things to mitigate/run around (trees, boxes, small rocks)
  • NO LOOPS- A loop is an area which will allow the monster to run from the hunters in a circle. This will allow the monster to mitigate damage, which usually means the dome was ‘bad’
  • Other monster and hunter specific attributes that I don’t have the time to go into here

The Fight

Once in the fight, different trappers will each have their own positioning and attributes. Maggie has the following:

  • 3 Harpoons (very strong vs nearly all monsters- particularly the goliaths). Try to place the harpoons at the top and bottom of cliffs and slightly around corners that your teammates will flee around (these will mean the monster has to turn 180 degree to break the ‘poon’.
  • SMG- Fairly high damage weapon with horrible spread. Burst fire this bad boy whilst your harpoons are reloading .
  • Daisy- She will track the monster (as above) but she will also revive other hunters. This is SO valuable! When another player goes down, the monster must camp that body if a daisy is on the field- allowing the rest of the team to get lots of free damage.

Remember- don’t ever watch your reload animation: Put down the 'poon, fire one clip of your gun, put down the next 'poon and so-on.

End of dome

With around 10-15 seconds remaining (the trapper character will often shout something to tell you, or you can keep an eye on the dome icon in the bottom corner) , place harpoons in the likely escape path for that extra damage.

When the monster initiates the fight

WAIT on that dome. Dont’ throw it until the monster has had enough. Remember, the dome is to trap a fleeing monster, NOT an engaging on. This goes double for the Stage 3 fight at the relay. Wait until the monster’s armour is nearly out and then throw the dome. That’s 60 seconds of pure health damage :slight_smile:

TL;DR Trapper is hard.


Nice explaination :slight_smile:


Another tip that is ESPECIALLY important for Trappers, is pay attention to sound. You can hear Monster footsteps, if they are really close you can hear them sniffing, you can hear wildlife dying. So many things that can help you zero in on a Monster you can’t see.

If you have directional headphones, use them.


Unless you’re playing against a wuss. Then they’ll just run around hiding. A lot of Wraith players seem to do this.


Monster Role…

Move forward and stay ahead of the hunters, find a path that does something like starts close to center path, then juke them when possible.

thing is, Evolve Stage 2 eliminates a lot of the stealth in the game, so don’t worry about the birds or any other nonsense, your location will always be scanned, so keep in your mind that the hunters are usually directly behind you and not off to the side.


Actually I made a Ton of videos with examples of things to do…