Evolve Tips

Hey, I just got Evolve and want to get better at all the roles. Does anyone have tips?

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Thanks buddy I asked for help not sarcasm


Thats litelary what you have to do.

Play the game and advance
Get good.
Get better.

Sarcasm would be.

Play wraith.

Oh ok thanks.

I went on an Evolve Wiki and saw perks and keys, how do you get those? Are keys still in the game? I didn’t see any currencies in the game so I wonder if that is outdated…

Even though she worded it sorta obnoxiously, Axilla is right. Basically the best thing you can do is just play all the time. There are a lot of little things in this game that only get easier with practice.

But I will share the best bit of advice I got regarding jetpack management in domes: “If you can walk there, and you have time to walk there, then just walk. Don’t use your fuel.”


Thanks I always run out of jetpack fuel in like 5 seconds lol.

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Jetpack conservation is one of the most important to learn, but hardest to master nuances in this game. I played around 200 hours for a couple months back when stage 2 first released, and I can confirm I’m still not even close to being even above average with jetpack usage.


Oh, also, do you have any tips on trappers by any chance? I gave Maggie a try; I did a boatload of damage but felt like a didn’t do my role well.

Most important thing about Maggie, and trappers in general, is slowing the monster down.

Not only do you want to make the monster’s life harder on getting a Hunter incapacitated (if at all), but also when they flee so your team can get extra chip damage in.

Taking Maggie as an example, you want to focus on deploying her harpoons as much as possible (more than you want to use your gun for damage).

Let’s say the monster is chasing a hunter (the medic or support most of the time). Smart hunters will usually flee to any terrain that gives the hunter an edge to survive (such as pillars they can climb or run around, making it harder for the monster’s abilities to hit).

Maggie can help with this even more by placing a harpoon on top of the pillar, and around it. I’m sure you can imagine how this can result in a frustrating experience for the monster.

As trapper, pay attention to when the dome is close to come down and see if you can place a couple of harpoons on the monster’s path of escape. If succesfull, your team will be able to get some extra damage in the monster’s health bar.





Do you play on consoles or PC? Because stage 2 is quite different from legacy Evolve

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You should probably edit that out. It’s not allowed here.


If you’re playing with AI, you’ll quite possibly end up doing the most damage. What’s great about playing on your own is that you can swap between characters as and when, so you can lay some traps as Maggie, swap to Assault and deal some damage, swap to medic if the AI isn’t healing well enough etc.

Maggie was a “main” of mine for a while, and if you’re struggling to get to grips with how and when to use the harpoon traps, you might want to try Wasteland Maggie - can only have 1 harpoon in the ground but has a much longer range. Daisy has a flame thrower, the harpoon when attached does damage and I think her weapon might do some DoT (but not very sure on that last point). Her strategy is kind of harpoon, then shoot, then place the next one shortly after the monster breaks it.

With standard Maggie, you don’t ALWAYS need ALL traps out, and there are opportunities to sit back a bit and dish out some damage, but as a general rule you want most of them out. Especially if one of your team mates is taking a beating. What’s hard about planting the 3 traps is trying to make sure they hit the side or back of the monster, and not have multiple hit the same place at the same time, because they’ll get broken super easy. Having 2 hit, 1 on either side is absolutely fine though because it’ll be a pain for the monster to take out!

Gotta love playing all trappers because your job is to make moving miserable for the monster, and that’s just great :smiley:


I was playing in multiplayer tho…

Then just ignore the first paragraph :wink:

As someone earlier asked, do you play on console or PC? The versions are different in some pretty significant ways.

But definitely focus on the main part of your role which is helping slow down and affect the monsters abilities which will keep you and your team up for longer. Placing a trap a few meters away from a cliff face, and then going up that cliff when you’re in trouble will cause the monster to get dragged back down, and there’s lots of fun little quirks you’ll get used to the more you play :slight_smile:

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I play on console, why is it easier?

@Archie_Mabin bro you stole my profile pic.

Also, I saw a leaderboard thing with gold, whats that?

Not at all! Arguably the console version is harder to get into.

On PC, Evolve entered “stage 2”, which included a bunch of variations on hunters and monsters which had some key differences between them and their original versions, as well as overhauled maps, a new perk system, and the game became less about hunting, and more about fighting. Also everyone could throw a dome, instead of that being a trapper exclusive role.

I play PC, so can’t remember at what point consoles stopped getting updates. At one point, Maggie had 5 harpoon traps, but on PC Stage 2, I know for sure she has 3. Not sure what things are like for console tho. Obviously the more harpoon traps you have, the more you can tangle up the monster, just try and spread them out so it doesn’t break them all at once, but is more of a constant irritation. :slight_smile: