Evolve Tiebreakers and Determining a Winner in Tournaments


I think the main problem right now with competitive Evolve is deciding how to break a tie in a series of competitive matches. In a best of 3, if each team wins 1 round the score is 1-1 and the next round will determine the winner. But how is it decided who plays monster for the final round?

Suggestions so far:

  1. Flip a coin to decide who plays Monster.
  2. Highest seed gets to pick their side.
  3. Teams play both sides and the side who wins fastest wins the match.

There are issues will all of these systems. The first two give an unfair advantage to one side ie. a team knows their monster player is better than their hunter team so they would always chose to be monster. Chances are balance between Hunters and Monsters won’t be 100% perfect and at a high level we may see Hunters are winning 60-70% of their games. It’s also a bit unfortunate having to decide the full match by a single player on a team.

The 3rd system, if the match was played out correctly by both teams, would give a fair result however it’s very easy to abuse the system. Players can easily hide on the map to drag the match out over a very long timescale and even prevent the monster from destroying the power relay by peppering it with bullets from half way across the map.

Basically there needs to be a better way and I wonder if there is already a better system possible in the game.

  1. First monster to win or to hit Stage 3 wins the game? That really puts pressure on the Hunter Team. But as far as I know there’s no way to stop the match and get the time counter at this point in the game. Can we get an option to turn on the round time during the match?
  2. First monster to win or to deal damage to the Power Relay? Needs a match setting to set Power Relay health to 1 to end the round when this happens.
  3. Use Nest (or another mode) as a tiebreaker gamemode?
  4. Other suggestions/game options to help us break ties?

Basically it’s really hard to assume what the best system is right now for tournaments, which is making it very hard for tournament organisers to set up their tournaments in the best way possible (See ESL), and feedback on such systems is usually negative with no positive suggestions for a better system. Anyone else have any more input on this?

  1. dafuq u mean flip a coin
  2. dafuq a seed?
  3. team fastest thats hella dumb
  4. why u do dis
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If you are going for a best of three there are ways to make it more balanced. Highest/Lowest seed picks Side and the other team picks map. That way they can sort of control their destiny. However, I believe that when there is a cut to top 8/16/32 single round double elim. works best. You play the side that you have played the least. If there is a tie the highest seed gets to choose side and lower seed picks map.


I believe the coin flip is indeed the best idea for picking whos monster and whos hunter, i agree with that.
And loser picks as well, so the winning team cannot steamroll the other.

I hate anything related to timers, unfun and boring to be forced to act when you shoulden’t want to, except if its something like ‘‘blablabla has the fastest monster tournament victory recorded to date’’ that, i do enjoy.


Was basically writing something like this when yours poped up;
IMO it needs to be some kind of normal match, but since picking side is such a large advantage it just needs to be balanced with the right incentive, like map pick.

I disagree on the single round elimination though, doesn’t feel right; Much rather some kind of seeding and trimming the top ranks. For that I’d probably group people into small divisions, have them play round robyn in their division (ideally I’d say double round robyn to weed out teams that are only strong on one side, but time) and then take the top of each division (or top 2 or X depending on size). This would lead to larger tournaments, but much more accurate and competitive IMO


Indeed chiprel, how about loser picks side, and winner picks map ?


It’s double round elim. You just play against teams as single matches. So there is a top bracket and lower bracket. You lose top bracket you get bumped to lower bracket. You lose lower bracket you are out. So essentially 2 times and you are out. Just nitpicking there tho :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, my idea is for a single day tournament. If you want to spread things out over weeks it is MUCH more manageable and able to get a more consistent evaluation of skill.


I was agreeing with @MaddCow who was suggesting something like that ^^;

But yeah, like he said lower seed picks side instead of ‘loser’, because if you had a loser there would be no tie :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, also, could always have the lower seed ‘pass’ on the decision and make the higher tier pick side instead, if they are equally confident in both their sides and value the map more. We don’t currently know which is more valuable, and the idea is to give the most valuable to the lower seed to ‘balance’ it slightly ;]


well. if you do loser’s bracket style. then the loser can choose the final round. if they win. the brackets reset. and if that one goes to the final round. then by courtesy (think basketball when a jump ball occurs. in ametuer level games its given to the opponent then you get the next jump ball call). so the winning team will get the final round choice. which is their right for winning all matches so far.