Evolve: This is what we need!


For Evolve to get to the next level, this is what we need!
Here are the hints:




Release the HOOKS!

Meant for the Hunters where you can hook your teammates. (support role)
It’s a suggestion guys.
I come in peace!


Oh god, whatever you do don’t show @MrTalha


How is this relevant?

…A hunter who has a hook to pull the monster in? Trapper (Specifically Griffin)

…A Monster who has a hook? Wraith’s Abduct and/or Behemoth’s Tongue Grab.

Could you please elaborate more?


Fresh meat!


For the Hunters where you can hook your teammates. (support role)
Those epic saves!


Roadhog (amongst a few other awful game design decisions) made me uninstall Overwatch and get a refund, so no thanks :slight_smile:


Oh Nia… Pudge’s hook back in the day was worse… Lemme find a vidya.


This glitch was so cruel.
Basically they use Chen’s teleport to base ability, and just as Pudge throws his hook, it connects with the guy, pulling them all the way to the enemy base


It is a suggestion for a new Evolve character, pretty relevant to the Suggestions Category.

Also Griffin doesn’t pull any of the monsters except the Krakens, and only downwards.


Its not about the hook, clearly we need more fat people! Bob is the fat Monster, but I want a set of Hunters rolling out too!


No no no no! I have to deal with bs insta kill OP hook combos too much in Dota and Overwatch, I don’t need anymore in Evolve.


In Paragon, we have Riktor and his riplash. Nothing is more satisfying then landing one straight into your team, all while Riktor demonically laughs.


Behemoth and Wraith can hook.


Wouldn’t the Monster be too heavy for the Hunter to pull in?


I like the idea of a support that can grab someone and pull them, but not the Monster, one of the other Hunters. So if someone is getting hard-focused, you only have to pull them out of the way.


Dem HOOKS!! Love it. Monster with hooks…Behemoth varient will have hook tounge confirmed!!


Behemoth’s tongue grab already does this.


OP didn’t state that it was. Only posted pictures of hooks and said that “this is what we need.”

Wasn’t stated until in the OP. Only vague pictures of game characters with hooks. Not any detail of how the hooks will be used, or what purpose they would serve (until later stated that supports can pull people for epic saves).

Because if he did hook the monster to him, he would

A. be an easy target for the monster without a defensive support because monster could change focus.

B. become a toxic hunter since he could just wait until other hunters were low on HP and hook the monster away, instead of adding a lapse in focus.

C. break lore and logic since how could a 200 pound man hook something the size of a building and pull it with 0 effort.

No, he pulls Kraken to him. While he does pull him down he can also pull him in any direction, since not every harpoon Griff fires will be directly under Kraken.

As for the clarity, no.

No support should have direct control over another hunters movements. Sunny provides an option to move/jetpack/dodge. This would be too toxic as trolls would just spam it constantly and disrupt fun for other players.

On top of what I said earlier in my post but under different circumstances. It would be toxic since the monster could focus medic, and when medic is on low health just hook them away before monster is about to finish them.

No thankyou.

It’s bad enough 3 monsters have abilities to immobilize hunter movements (Abduct, Tongue Grab, and Spider Trap). I don’t want any more.


What the heck. Why isn’t clockwork on this list! I do like hooks though!


Please no.

Harpoons are “good enough”.

Roadhog from OW is toxic. I’d like to keep Evolve different from that game and not have (toxic) hooks.

If you need CC ideas you can start with a net or wall-barriers to cage the monster. like animal traps.