Evolve things that rustle your jimmies



Anything that annoys you, or makes you question the game or makes you go like: “wat”

  • Why is glacial bob the only monster that doesn’t glow?
  • Why do you have to purchase a perk 3 times to get it’s max efficiency? wouldn’t it be better to just buy it once and be done with it?
  • On the topic of perks, how are new players supposed to get them if they have to buy so damn many of them?
  • Why is hunt beta a thing and why didn’t we keep ranked?
  • Why is hunt beta “beta”?
  • On goliath, kraken and wraith it’s called "savage"skin, but gorgon’s red colored skin which also has the red-black combination is called “Scarlet”… WHY!?
  • But most importantly, why does man eater bucket have a mustache, but man eater paladin parnell does not!?


Why its can’t self-sustain ?


Slim and Sunny.


The order the 4 classes are in never seems to be the same on different UI screens or in the dropship


Glacial’s weapon/item swap slow.


Ranked Hunt attracted too many hackers. They thought the ranking system was all about being Gold…when in fact it was an accurate way to matchup players of relatively even skill levels.


Legacy my story. Lose to a silver skilled elder kraken lose -7 next game disconnect lose -6 next game another disconnect lose -11 get deranked this is just annoying and sad.


beats team full of silvers, gets 1 point

beats team full of newbies/noobs, gets 7 points

Legacy Evolve Ranked in a nutshell.



Win a game against a low silver monster, lose 20 points.

(I’m still salty about that.)


That’s nothing. Back in the day i lost 400 points once, went from gold expert straight to silver elite.

Think it was against @deanimate lol


muhehehe :wink:







̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿



That makes me mad.

Oh and pubstompers.


Looks like the Superintendent from ODST.


Markovs not laying down mines in the correct places.

Laz reviving teammates without the glove.

I am out.


Anything and everything that keeps me from winning…

Like personal skill.