Evolve Theory


Evolve Theory

      As we know, Evolve is an amazing game with 4 of badass hunters vs one giant monster. But there is always that one bit of lore that sends everybody into a conspiracy theory fit.
      That piece of lore for Evolve is the origins of the giant monsters. After checking maps from the "metamorphosis" part of the game, and recent findings from the "Evolve" part of the game. I've come up with my own personal theory as to where the monsters came from, what they do, and what they are meant to do.
      First, I'd like to state that in the metamorphosis part of the game there was one map that stood out. This map was called "Alien Artifacts" was a large ship or underground system that revealed alien creatures created the monster. The rest of this theory depends on whether or not this piece of lore is still used in the current game.
      Now, why is that there? If it was already on Shear, and that's where the creators lived, why are they destroying their home? The answer is, they're not. They never lived on the planet, and they're not destroying it. What if they're sending their forces to Shear in an attempt to colonize it. You read right, colonize it.
      The creators are not trying to colonize Shear for themselves though. They're colonizing it for their army. What if the monster, or the "army" can only survive on lava like terrain. This would explain the ending of evacuation, where Shear is left looking destroyed. However, in reality the monsters terraformed it to best suit them.
       I bet you're asking, how did they terraform the planet? The answer is simple, and it comes in the form of a lava spewing, rock bending, armor covered monster named Bo…I mean Behemoth.
       In order to terraform something, you need a device capable of changing plains and mountains. Uncanny abilities Behemoth posses. This would explain why Behemoth is able to spit lava and create walls of rock, not for combat purposes, but because his branch of monster was created to transform the landscape into something, habitable, for the monsters. His rock like armor comes into play too, being added to Behemoth to help him survive the harsh effects of the terraforming.
      This leaves one question about Behemoth though. What's with the hole bro? The answer is, it is completely accidental. In order to give Behemoth his terraforming abilities, they had to change his DNA. Changing DNA can result in lacking a belly button, to missing an arm. When changing his DNA, the Creators encountered a problem. The change in the DNA caused Behemoth's stomach to acquire that gapping large hole.
      Once the Behemoth's landed on Shear, they began terraforming. They were forced to stop, however, when creatures with the same goal as the Monsters landed on Shear. These creatures names, are humans. This forced the Creators to send multiple monsters to Shear in an attempt to battle them, and also forced the creators to repurpose the Behemoth's from steady, terraforming machines into large, aggravated war beasts capable of destruction. Once the colonists were gone, the Behemoth's got right back to terraforming.
      "But how did the monsters get to Shear?" Is that what you're asking? I bet it is. The answer has been there all along. Wraith's. The sneaky, warp portal making Wraith's are responsible for bringing the monsters and what I call "Big Momma" to Shear. Obviously Behemoth was able to just simply land on Shear like a meteor, but what about Goliath, Kraken, and Big Momma, 3 monsters who are unable to withstand the harsh vacuum of space.
      That's where Wraith comes in. If the creators had made multiple Wraith's, they could make a steady warp gate leading across space to different planets (Shear, Factor, .etc) This would explain how the monsters got to places like Shear, and why they're there.
      Now their is only one question left. How does NORDITA know about this? Easy, they've already dealt with this before. On Factor, and most likely  another planet that went dark. This not only explains why things like the Wraith Test lab exists, or why the Ajax was used to transport one, but also why the monsters see Humans as a threat. Because the creators have dealt with them before, and understand that this is not an ordinary species of wildlife, but a species capable of shutting their entire operation down.

But hey, that’s just a theory, a game t…good god I need to stop using YouTube.



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