Evolve themed Grad/bday party foods 🧁


random fluff, scroll down for food pics.
For about a year now I realized I had what it takes to become a game dev, I am attending UC Santa Cruz in the fall for Computer Game Design. Since I recognized this passion, the people at Turtle Rock Studios have been my idol, while others looked up to sports stars or famous musicians, I looked up to all of them. Now don’t get me wrong I know they are all just normal people but how connected they are with the community and try to make their game the best it can be was amazing.

As for me, I am currently working on my own game, I know it will be a long time in the making because I will be making this independent all the way through with my own original story writing, music, art, and programming. While I know how to program already, I am saving this for last, I need to become proficient in my music and art.

instrament of choice.

(I am not confidant enough in my art to share it…I mean it’s not that bad but im sure you know how it is if you do art.)

Right now I am writing a book that serves as backstory to one of the characters that I will be self-publishing (hopefully) later on in 2017. (I’ve thought about sharing what I’ve written so far on here but I think I might be too self-conscious XP)

But now to the evolve themed food

This is why you don’t let hank cook :hank_cute:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/a/b/aba6488ec961bf90e28497d6315c7c56ff659dd4.JPG width=“400”>

mustaches inspired by Griffin Hallsey :griffin:

This is Steamadon Stew, It is 7-up mixed with Rainbow Sherbet, the bowl below it has dry ice in it making the steam effect.

:cupcake: And the famous evolve cupcakes :cupcake:

:monster: Goliath footprint brownies :goliath_roar:

:spider_web::spider:Gorgon web candy :gorgon:

The food of champions…no theme here, I just love pockey :+1:

I think I nailed it here. :ok_hand:

These are basically candy shots :wraith:

Got some behemoth themed candy, with fissure and tounge grab :behemoth:

Monster egg omlets (these were insanely difficult to make) :egg:

My failures

There was legit dipping chocolate on the ceiling and walls from when the balloons popped. :sweat_smile:

:elderkraken: Kraken’s theme was snowcones and I had the supplies to make them but there was so much food that we never got to them. :kraken_stare: :shaved_ice:

Pictures from the party will be posted by @Shaners soon! it was crazy. confetti and silly string everywhere dude.


Wait! It was YOUR open house they went to?!?

Hahaha that makes it even better!

Edit: I heard that some of the devs crashed (slept) on the way home. You guys must have had a lot of fun!


That looks so awesome and yummy!!

Btw, saw that AOT shirt, it’s awesome! :wink:


I wondered if it was you that they were going to, looks like an amazing party was had, I was very envious :slight_smile:


yea it was crazy! I was so happy they came.


haha thanks, I changed into an evolve shirt for the party though :wink:


aw I’m sorry :sweat_smile: but I’m glad I got to share it with the people here, I was worried they might wanna keep it a secret so as to not get spammed with invites.


Dude that’s awesome you finally got to meet the devs :smiley: . I remember we were talking about it before! That’s great news, and good work this all looks delicious :slight_smile:


haha I actually met the devs at the Proving grounds tournament :sweat_smile: but it was a dream come true to have my role models there with me at my party!


Now that I think about it, those pockies could have been Griffin’s spikes :griffin_2:





Matt #2 is crazy :laughing:


no one every invites max to super cool party’s

*The feeling of being left out consumes max

is there still cupcakes

*Max is now craving those cupcakes instead of feeling left out


actually yea, I don’t really eat cupcakes, we could meet up at like Barnes & Noble and I can give you a ton of leftover food, I got you fam. And you can get me a manga for my graduation birthday party :wink:


Nah I will just take them when your asleep I am a ninja

######hopefully he doesn’t have a good security system for when I come in to steal the cupcakes and when I deliver that manga!



Nothing Jack or EMET related :cry:
sniff sniff
Still pretty cool, I suppose. sniff


If it makes you feel better, there was something there named Max…


Party party party, we should have a LAN evolve party, get a nice venue and have everyone enjoy it in the summer!


they don’t sell eyeball candy outside of Halloween

and I’m underage so I couldn’t have respawn beacon shots