Evolve the truth


first of all the game is good I like it. However I don’t think its worth the money I have paid for it £70 for the xbox one with season pass.

I like the idea of each game mode and how it works some points that people pick apart with the game like hunt I enjoy, I enjoy trying to find the monster and out smart him into a trap. I admit until I used the mini map and stopped just following the tracks the game was a bit boring at the start but if you play the game it was designed to be played its good.

my problems with the game are the lack of game modes and each map is different but feels the same. it feels like I play four different modes on just one map(I know there is 12 but it all feels the same). I feel like they should of had more game mode for what its worth even at £50 for the game I think its far too much for the lack of content in the game I honestly don’t feel like I got my monies worth on this one.


MacMan has recently said they are working on new maps and a new game mode. Maps and Game modes will be free, so you are also getting those for your initial expense.


Sorry that’s not the point,
I don’t go to a pizza shop and buy a pizza eat half now and half in 3 month once they finish the other half of the pizza.


They really have messed up on this game big time, they are getting hammered in the reviews, people are unhappy about the DLC.

By the time the make the new maps and game modes the hype is over and they have lost the fans to make money. I mean how long will me and my friends keep playing before some of us trade in the game and forget all about it.


Dunno, you should ask you and your friends.


I am sorry if you are not totally satisfied with the game, but I do want to say that the pizza shop point you made doesn’t really work with video games.


Ha ha ha yeah it wont be long. on the first day of playing we did all the game modes and my friend says “is that it is that all there is?”
I got people hyped for this game 6 in us of total have it so far … no one else will get it as we give an honest opinion buy it at a discounted rate or second hand its not worth £50 its a laugh but that’s it.


Yes it does,

in the way it was used yes it does. I was saying I don’t feel like I got my monies worth and Katherine_St_Ives says they are making extra game mode.

when I buy anything i dont want a promise of we will give you extras at some point i want my moneys worth there and then I feel its not worth the money


I still don’t think it really fits almost all video games do this anymore. People want a game to be supported for months after launch.


It would be valid if they didn’t had to basically invent the pizza all over again.


I recall GMG putting it up for 25% sale TWICE before launch. I am sure there will be plenty in the future.

I for one knew what I was getting (in terms of the base game) for the price that I paid because I bothered to research everything that I could and settled with a rational decision.

If you’ve not decided that the game wasn’t worth your money, you may need to consider your future spending habits.


Nope I just wont buy another game by TRS or 2K until I see value for money. few devs have my trust this was one of them now they have lost it I like the game but they have messed up big time.

I like the element of surprise I like find out what things you can do in a game I generally find out what the game is about but as for finding out all the ins and out no not for me with games.


Everything- literally all of it- was pure opinion. You’re welcome to present it, but kindly state it as an opinion, which you have not been doing.

I think thsi was worth the 135USD I payed for it thanks to Steam being a cheat. But that’s my opinion- and I’ve stated it as such and made that clear. Kindly do the same.

Finally, the title is… annoyingly misleading. I would call it click-bait, but whatever. This isn’t “the truth” this is “my opinion” so kindly don’t pretend otherwise.

Thanks for actually voicing your thoughts with civility and calmness, though. More people should do likewise.


I have not stated it as fact!
and apart from saying my opinion every few words there is nothing I can do. I sure anyone who reads it will understand its an opinion. in my post i keep saying “I” which meaning me " I honestly don’t feel like I got my monies worth on this one" <— This quote from my text is an opinion not even trying to hide it as a fact.

the title is the only thing you kind of have a point on.