Evolve: the Sitcom

So, we’ve seen all the Hunters of Evolve (except for the upcoming Tier 5 Hunters) fight the monsters, and sometimes each other thanks to fans (I’m pretty sure there’s a Hunter vs. Hunter fiction or forum thread out there). Contests of strength have been pretty much played out, ergo it’s time to up the stakes.

Maybe this is the result of Cabot stiffing the Hunters on pay (unlikely to happen, but you get the idea), but the following scenario I think will be a use of our comedic muscles:

Pick four Hunters, one of each class, but instead of hunting a monster, they all have to live in the same apartment. It’s got plenty of beds, so there’s no need for “bunk sharing,” but they still have to live with each other.

List some funny things that would happen as a result of this sharing of space out of necessity. Monsters may be…well, monstrous, but we all know the real Hell is other people. :wink:

I’ll start with a couple:

  • Crow/Maggie and Slim would be at odds because their respective “pets” can’t get along.
  • Everyone would want Bucket as a roommate and would be fighting over him. Reason? He doesn’t need to eat or sleep.
  • This might be too obvious, but…Hyde’s body odor? Or maybe he’s surprisingly hygenic. After all, he does work with fire a lot. Speaking of which, what’s that burning in the kitchen?
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Please do NOT bring ‘shipping’ suggestions into this thread. We’ve had several topics go south super fast because of it. As it is, I’m wary of this as it will only end up getting shut down once people start suggesting things that are not family friendly. Please remember the community guidelines if you post here.


Ah sorry, I didn’t mean anything nsfw by it, I won’t mention anything about shipping again :speak_no_evil:

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No harm no foul :slight_smile:

On Topic: Slim, Hyde, Val and Bucket. Will Bucket’s programming be enough to allow these 3 former war vets to live in peace, or will he break down and curse the day the former soldiers decided to live together.

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Thie thread is gonna be interesting to read through when I wake up tomorrow :smile:

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Caira, Sunny, Abe, and Lennox:

Lennox would lose her mind because of “kids these days” and their “youthful shenanigans.”

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Sunny would stay up super late every night trying to soup up anything and everything, Lenny would eventually get annoyed as Sunny isn’t the quietest person and start an engineering war to shut her up.

“Hey guys look what I did to the ceiling fan!”
“That’s nice Sunny”
“Look at refrigerator!”
“Okay cool, that’s ni–”
“Now our microwave can do this!”
“Sunny that’s enou–”

Not going to participate?

Nah, I suck at making stuff up :s

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Same here V_V

I want a TV show of Evolve.
It would be anazing.

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Lazarus, Hank, Griffin, Lennox.

Four old people trying to start a cupcake business and have a fued with younger cupcake makers Dietrich, Sunny, Maggie and Hyde.

Lazarus have a fued fueld by what happen in Sabah.

Or we could go another root and try an anthology series.

American Horror Story: Colony

Sarah Paulson can be Val
Hank n/a
Angela Basset can be Maggie
Michael Chiklis can be Markov

Laz - James Cromwell
Bucket - n/a
Griffin n/a
Hyde - Zachary Quinto

Taissa Farmiga - Caira
Denis O’Hare - Cabot
Even Peters - Abe
Parnell n/a

Lennox - Francis Conroy (obviously)

Something would have to arise from Hank’s horrible cooking.

Evolve: The SoapOpera

Come on guys, you know you want it

Episode 23
Hank makes everyone sick except for him, Bucket, and Torvald. Then a Goliath is spotted and needs immediate extermination.


I had a different idea.

Goliath Enters
Loosens tie
“I hope I get that stage 3 promotion soon.” Smirks at the camera
Then he gets up and attempts to cook a nutritional dinner but ends up using fire breath to cook cook some Obsidian Beetles.

Basically I want the sitcom to be focused on Goliath and his wacky neighbor Krame- Kraken.


I was going to like that, until you said this

I just figured that they seem like the sheer version of hot pockets

I could imagine every time wraith abducts someone the cast would go “Ow wratih” and put there arms to their waists while wraith attacks whoever was abducted in the background. Thats all I got

Edit: I was bored so you can have my bad photoshop :smiley:


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