EVOLVE the movie?


It would be Awsum, who would play each character ?


LOVE IT, sort it out!!!


Keanuu Reevrs as Cabot.


Jackie Chan as Cabot, Fatima as Sunny and Kevin Hart as Parnell. The ultimate cast


I actually started writing a story late last year which would lead to a similar situation as we have in Evolve. An alien race using genetically engineered creatures fired at planets in pods (that look like eggs) to wipe out humanity. TRS beat me to it :smile:


They beat you by like 3 years then, right? O.o


Whole movie would last, what 20 minutes? :smile:


Michael bay + sunny’s nukes = a regular transformers movie length :grin:


It depends, you can always put in ridiculous fillers. Everyone seems to love that shit these days. ^.-
Expand every scene, and make it feel slow.


Plus the customary Hollywood cheesy unecessary stupid romance subplot that ruins the movie.


EVERY F@CKING MOVIE!!! :rage: we get it, for once i would love to see a movie without that romance option


And we never will have that option.


Well then you can watch th-…the uh…oh, how about…uh…hmm…


You can watch Twilight, I hear people apparently liked that one. ^.-


You little jerk.


before Twilight < that word used to be cool, now its garbage :cry:


That is true, and I wish it wasn’t… Can’t believe a movie, ruined a whole fucking word. -.-


Yea they did. I had no idea about evolve before the Christmas period but stopped writing as soon as I did.


Knowing Hollywood they’d use a blonde guy for Cabot and make Parnell white. -_-


I laughed… Yeah, they probably would.