Evolve: The Game That Saves Lives (Fair warning: The things I'm going to be talking about can be rather triggering.)


I was on the brink of death. I didn’t want to live anymore. I hadn’t reached out to anyone about this because I didn’t want people to stop me. I was depressed. I was anxious. I became really mooding. Then Evolve came out and I met some of the nicest people I’ve ever played with. I became immersed in these people and this game. I forgot my worries. My entire view on life changed. This game and the people who played it saved my life.

I’d like to say thanks, to everyone. From the new people picking up the game, to the people I played with, to the people on the Forums, to the Devs that made the game. Thanks, you changed my life because you gave me reason to be in it.


Evolve really does have a habit of changing people’s lives. I hope you never feel the same way about your life before, and hope that you now have a better life.


I’m crying right now. Thank you just isn’t enough.


This thread is beautiful and amazing, and if it were up to me, it would be pinned, so everyone here could see it and fully understand just how beautiful and amazing it is.

Welcome home, Shunty.


How old are you OP




it’s ALWAYS a pleasure having you around and I’m glad Evolve and the community helped you get through rough times! :smile:


This game has some of the nicest community members that I have ever met, Every time I get on here I enjoy myself in my interactions with these people.

This community is the best that I have ever seen or experienced and it has changed many many people.

You all are amazing people and this is an experience that none of us will forget for a while. :smiley:


Lets not beat around the bush. We all know that you’re referring to me.


And others. :smile:
most are really nice and All of yall are amazing :smile:


Fixed that for 'ya. :wink:


Well I’m glad you’re here. You’re a great member of the community and a really nice guy. The forum wouldn’t quite be the same without you. :wink:


I’m only 16.


Perhaps, then, we have found one of the advantages of such a small community: fewer assholes/morons. We may be a man down were it not for this filtering of stupid. I guess the DLC thing helped with that; those foolish enough to chime in would likely have been cancer for this community. For your sake, I’m glad for that. You’re an artist, if those Crow edits are anything to go on.


I don’t show emotion a lot but here goes nothing.



hugs back

<ayyyyyy <3


/hug >">. Glad to hear you living it up now op


You made my day man. sniff


I don’t know if I ever played with you (I’m on PC), but this is a touching story and I’m glad things are looking up for you!

Evolve helped me with personal problems as well, both in figuring things out and escaping bad times. I love this game, and I have met some really cool people on it, too.

I hope things keep going great for you from here on, @CrowTwoPointO! :smile:


You’re a great guy!!! Your posts always make me laugh, if you ever need to talk I’m always down. Evolve really does bring people together. What platform do you play on?


PS4 my friend!