Evolve: The Catalyst


Five years have past since the planet tamer’s force formed by William Cabot had their fatal last stand on Sheer. The technology that created the monsters has been sold on the black market leaving no trail to creators. With knowledge that these creatures are HNA (hexitol nucleic acid) lab designed monsters now free information, Rank-Rajat and Salveron Industries hosts tournaments of bloody battles across the galaxy to legalize and the development of living bioweapons. Though the neither company claims the origination of the technology, they have become the lead developers in the industry. The Sol Guard a militant organization shows interest in purchasing the most advanced predators for planetary warfare, and expanding known habitable space.
These deadly beasts still roam planets with human colonies striving to make a foot hold in the far reaches of the earth territories. Nordita and the Sol Guard supplies hunters with equipment and ferries the hunters through space in the Leading Edge fleet named in William Cabot’s memory to fight back against the threat of planet ending monsters. Each ship in the fleet is named for a hunter that was a member of Cabot’s crew that fought along side him until the end on planet Sheer.

The galaxy needs Hunters now more than ever do you have what it takes to hunt the big game?



Winter Station is in constant motion, people and wildlife from across the galaxy are brought together. Whatever you want to get your hands on is within your reach with the right amount of coin. At the center of the all the chaos is Thin Ice Stadium where Bioweapons fight it out tooth and nail, HNA is currency in these domes of death. The most stable strain of bio data is gold to the proper buyer. Each monster has been crafted to the creators bloody desire. Arms, tentacles wings, tails numbered only by the crafters discretion. Some are masses of muscle with large bone plated fists, others long nimble blades that gentle running along the walls of the arena. The winners of the fights don’t even need to be In one piece, only a vile of thier HNA is required for a sale to take place.

These creatures are mere shadows of the creature’s that were encountered on sheer, it doesnt mean that these display of man power over nature and science isnt a crime against the memories of the heroes who died fighting the monsters that these creatures are meant to simulate.



Sol Hub completely lost contact with Sheer and its colonies, fearing the worst the far arm HD as been designated banned spaced and is patrolled by a permanent blockade manned by the Leading Edge fleet all objects going in or coming out are deemed to hold hostile intent to humanity. Some how the monsters are still finding ways through and are ravaging Sol Hub planets. Io and Ganymede are the only planets with monsters present at this time, carrier Crow with light cruiser Gobi as escort have been sent to Ganymede to eliminate the threat. While carrier Maggie with light cruiser Daisy have been tasked with identifying the threat on Io which has been in hiding since its first encounter. Though past regulations only allowed four crew per team, increased size and aggression of these monsters have required an additional team member for all squads. All teams are equipped with one medic, one assualt, one support, one trapper, and one air support.

If they had a jet in the sky maybe Cabot’s team would have had chance of success.



Not to be a spoil-sport, but if you’re attempting to make this a project based off of Evolve’s actual canon…

…this whole section does not work in the slightest. Also, Sol Guard is (if memory serves) a military branch established by Hub.



Well Rank-Rajat created Paterson tech, that the monsters are attracted to and sometimes target it instead of hunters or other humans. It is a complete guess, but I’m thinking fo fight back against rebel colonies they reverse engineered the gene splicing tech, with something that came through a portal from unknown space. Something that was powerful, but was in an infant stage of life. So they spliced prisoners Gene’s with the specimens from beyond known space in a off the books military project funded by Sol Guard (CIG9). When the project got out of hand and the monsters got loose they targeted the military and corporations involved in the project, and push the Sol Hub colonies back from rebel space, the last sacrifice they could make for the people they could no longer call their own.



Honestly, this stuff makes me wanna make more Evolve Fanfics.



Goliath x Val



way to go!! Glad you making a long write and its enjoyable read!

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If that’s a thing then that wasn’t me. Let’s not.



dont you backtrack now.



Monsters are creatures from another dimensional plane of existence that hate Patterson Tech because it generates radiation in their dimension which has similar effects to that of nuclear radiation in our dimension. Their bodies are composed of both organic and inorganic materials found around the eggs that they send out from their dimensional plane. This is because monsters do not have physical matter in the way that we do on their plane of existence.

Rank-Rajat, to the best of my knowledge did not create Patterson Tech.

Sol Guard is not tied with CIG-9, aside from being a part of Hub.



Thank you for these corrections I’ll edit my stories soon, to better fit the lore. But what I really want to accomplish with these stories is to spark interest in what a squeal could look like. What kind of a world would hunters be expected to live in and face in a normal day. How much would have changed and what chaos would be normal in the future.



So the deal with that is that, for the foreseeable future after the events of Evolve, mankind has basically re-entered the dark ages. Humanity for many many years has operated solely on Patterson Tech, and has kind of done away with traditional energy sources such as wind power, electricity, solar power, etc.

When the hunters finally do defeat the monsters, the seal off the dimensional plane that Patterson Tech pulls the energy from. Therefore, all Patterson Tech instantly ceases function on a universal scale.

Edit: Also, when you respond to someone, make sure you hit the little reply arrow on their post, otherwise the person you’re responding to won’t see it.

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Wow that’s a crazy situation to leave it off on, billions of people spread across worlds. Their only hope is to build their tech back up through the generations and hopefully remembering where they came from. Thanks for giving me the rest of the story. That really satisfies a craving.

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Happy to help buddy. If you want, I have an old thread I can scrounge up that explains the whole story from start to finish if you’d like to see.



I would love that, I have a lore mega thread saved but It didnt have then end in there or what was the real story of how the monsters came to be.

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Muchos gracias, Mountain Man. I was at work and didn’t have my phone. :pensive:



Everytime, I think about my own lore about dead people from the 20th century (like a real-life U.S soldier from WWII) to the present of Evolve (Caira) resurecting as monsters for unknown reasons. It was supposed to be a lore-friendly fan fic. and I wanted to respect the official lore as much as possible, but after a while I left it in the dust because I had lost the inspiration for the next part of the story.

There’s even a character one of my friends (@Shika) had drawn twice, the first time was from my own request and the second time was a “do whatever you’d like to do” sort of commission. The thing however is that I gave more interrest to the characters I invented than the story itself.

Anyway, enough talking about myself. If you plan on making a fan fiction, make sure you can find the inspiration and the WILL to make this lore of yours. Make sure also to search for informations if you don’t feel too sure about something, I myself made a lot of researches about the WWII and Edward Vincent Loustalot, the first american soldier to die in Dieppe (a place located in France) during this era, in order to make the protagonist of my lore. Same goes for the lore of Evolve and some of its characters.

If you don’t find an info you’re looking for or have troubles with an info you’re not too sure about, DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! It doesn’t hurt to ask if something’s wrong, people will generally be happy to help in this case.

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I feel where your coming from. You’re interested in Evolve. And I like it, it’s dope. The actual official fiction/writing (I guess would be world building) is fucking phenomenal. It’s just a shame they were unable to/didn’t make a story mode or explanation of events in game a la Mass Effect to actually explain how phenomenal their writing was. Take Two’s a bunch greedy scumbags.

BUT, with the story post TheMountainThatRoars linked you, it was a conclusion not just for Evolve, but also for Turtle Rock. That’s why everything is so despairingly final. The sadness of real life development and their love for it ending because of said scumbags. I think if 2K didn’t have their conceited heads up their ass and Nintendo’d Turtle Rock (or better yet, if Turtle Rock was able to get rights to Evolve INSTEAD of Take Two) and Evolve was able to continue or get a sequel, the story wouldn’t have been so depressingly concluded.

I get they made the monsters ethereal, seemingly immortal beings. But I don’t like how they simply return to their dimension ultimately scot free (sure they could’ve experienced some insane psychological trauma) and can transfer themselves to another HNA monster and continue the rampage. When you realize that playing as a hunter, fiction wise, winning against a monster feels extremely hollow. It takes away that animalistic satisfaction we all get when killing one. Ya know, they could’ve made an angle where the hunters were getting a reputation among the monsters if that was the case. Make those beings who absolutely hate our dimension experience some fear and hesitant to kill us and stop our Patterson tech use. Then the truly long lived of their people really have to come out and show their prowess. Perhaps like Elder Kraken, a truly old, other worldly being who is quite phenomenal HAS to take over a monster to quell the hunters AND their species’, you could say, fear of the hunters. And the younger dimensional beings who have been surviving and truly EVOLVING can rally to their aid. You know, really continue playing on that ping pong story like good super hero or shonin arcs.

Instead of a simple spirit transfer, they are a hive mind. Kinda like Pacific Rim. BUT, when one dies, maybe that knowledge that was learned of our world, passed on to the others, is forgotten. Ya know, they remember their spirit and personality, but recent knowledge is lost. Ooooh that’s where the fear comes from. They never have “died” before. They exist like Frieza initially wanted, immortally. And since they’re formless, nothing is there really to end their existence. Ooooh that’s where Patterson tech can come in. It doesn’t kill them, but causes extreme pain and psychological trauma to them. Some of the monsters we can encounter are those specific beings that have been brought to the edge mentally, maybe even exceed it. Really throw the hunters for a crises. That’s where they would also require the super old alphas to come in and guide them with their probably eons worth of other dimension knowledge that might be applicable to killing us and our use of Patterson tech.