Evolve Teletubby tier (fake tier)


Chalenge accepted @Advanced_Tec

The assault is
Loadout: Razorblade gun a gun that shoots out sawbades. looks strangley like a windmill
: Teletubby scooter. helps Po’s or whoever gets on it move faster while on it(jetpack and jumping is disabled)
: Shotgun given to Po by by abe. (abe told Po to shoot himself with it but Po doesn’t know how hunter tech works)

The trapper is Dipsy.
Loadout: Shotgun(same story as why Po has one)
: “sit and watch the Tv in his stomach” Tracks the monster by watch spectator mode with his stomach. (cant move while spectating)
: Praise the sun! All dark become light as a giant baby head laughs and giggles as the monster can’t hide
The medic is Tinky winky.
Loadout: Shotgun (Abe must really be suffering from childhood trauma or somthing)
: Slushy machine. puts it on the ground heals teammates when the walk up to it. (can only place one at a time, can be destroyed)
: Glue bomb (got it made in arts in craft.) Blows up with glue and really ugly glitter making the monster slower when walking on it. (also makes the monster worry about being to much like a twilight vampire)

The support is Lala
Loadout: Mini nuke launcher (Sunny gave it to her as a gift as teletubbys will always have a place in her heart)
: Shotgun (Holy crap Abe has issues, and where does he get all the shotguns???)
: Another shotgun??? (Abe was this your doing?? stop messing up this thread. Abe: Points at Slim .Slim: “Damn things aren’t human”)

Leave comments on what you thought and if you want me to do anymore posts like this.


You’re having too much fun with this lol


I am   :wink:


Well done sir, you took my challenge and passed it. I tip my hat of to you.





Teletubby monster



Jesus Christ no


No thanks on the Teletubby idea…


Teletubby vacuum cleaner thing


Na, the baby faced sun!


Already an ability :wink:
Praise the sun!


Noo Noo it is!


Nope that’s monster.


I know, I’m saying Noo Noo will be the monster then if Baby Face Sun God is already taken.


Yeah baby face is the trapper ability. :wink: